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Woodworking Tools Theme Page

This "Theme Page" has links to resources related to the study of the tools of Woodworking. In addition, there are also links to two related Woodworking Theme Pages - one on techniques, and the other on designs and plans. Please read our 101 Woodworking Tips and Techniques

A site offering more than 100 links to pages of information on topics concerning: Table Saws, Routing/Router Tables, Drill Press/Drilling, Planing/Jointing, Layout, Finishing, Glueing, Sanding, Assembly, Clamping and General Shop Tips.

Band Saw Basics
Answers to a number of questions regarding the adjustments and different settings on your band saw.

Union Hill Antique Tools
On this site you will find articles about antique tools, treadle powered or foot powered machines, type studies, and information on a tool collector's database and mailing list.

Museum of Woodworking Tools
This site provides information and descriptions of woodworking tools and techniques that once existed but are now gone. Browse through their sections "10 Tools" (examples of the wide diversity of tools that have been used over the centuries), their "Permanent Collection" (on planes), the "Features Exhibit" (content will vary) and their "mini exhibits".

Sawdust Making 101
Information on these basic woodworking tools: Combination Square, Drill & Drill Bits, Hammer, Hacksaw, Handsaw, Pliers, Sandpaper, Screwdrivers, and the Tape Measure.

Sharpening Up
"What Blade Owners Should Ask Their Sharpening Service." A frequently asked question (faq) page regarding your saw blades and router bits.

Woodworkers Library
A list of comprehensive reviews on a variety of woodworking projects, products, tool tests, shop solutions, buyer's guide, and workshop tips published by "American Woodworker."

Snipe Solutions
This website provides an explanation concerning how to avoid marks at the ends of the board from a thickness planer.

Published by Fine Woodworking Online, this page has more than 25 links to information about using new tools and how to use older tools more effectively.

Woodworking Web Links
Old Woodworking Tools, The Museum of Woodworking Tools, Pictures and History of Tools, Tool Collectors Associations List of organizations and associations.

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