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Creating Web Pages (Introductory Level) Theme Page

This "Theme Page" has links to two types of resources related to the study of Creating Web Pages. Students and teachers will find curricular resources (information, content...) to help them learn about this topic. In addition, there are also links to instructional materials (lesson plans) which will help teachers provide instruction in this theme. Please read our disclaimer.

Clip Art Theme Page
This CLN theme page has links to a variety of clip art collections. Together, they contain thousands of free, uncopyrighted clip art, buttons, bars, backgrounds, bullets, animations, and icons.

Copyright and Multimedia Law for Web Builders and Multimedia Authors
This Website provides information about various Web copyright issues and cases.

Evaluating Web Resources
A site that focuses on presenting a stategy for teaching critical evaluation skills for World Wide Web resources. Checklists for five types of Web pages are provided. The authors offer links to additional sites with more Web evaluation materials.

Good Homepaging
The Quebec English Schools Network has developed a series of resources to "help schools create unique and dynamic Web sites. Our approach, though, has a particular bias. We believe that, by participating in the development of School Web pages, teachers can truly add a powerful teaching and motivational tool to their bag of pedagogical tricks. And they don't have to be "computer experts" to do so! We also believe that the true value of a school Web site or a teacher's web page comes from making it a pedagogical venture."

HTML Survival Kit - Table of Contents
A comprehensive guidebook on basic HTML. The author provides many graphic examples of the HTML tags. These examples show you what will happen on a web page when you use specific HTML tags.

Introduction to HTML
A tutorial to introduce beginners to the basics of HTML design and style. Content includes: Introduction to HTML, Heads, Titles, Paragraphs, Lists, Special Effect Tags, Anchors and Images.

Introduction to HTML Level 1
Introductory level on-line training course offered through the University of Saskatchewan. Since it is designed for students at the University, some instructions will not apply to all Internet users. Each lesson consists of short descriptive pages with links to more in-depth information.

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators:Brush up on the Internet
A series of mini lesson plans for grade four students (adaptable for other grades) which will introduce them to the Internet. There are several lessons which deal specifically with web pages.

NCSA: A Beginner's Guide to HTML
A comprehensive guide for writing HTML.

NCSA Education Group Tutorials
A basic tutorial to help teachers learn more about the Internet. A downloadable version (Microsoft Word) is also available.

School Home Page Building Blocks
Four concepts important in developing an effective school home page are discussed and usually linked to further resources. The four concepts are purpose, content, organization and design.

School Web Sites
Do you want to see what other school home pages look like? Do you want other schools to be able to link to your school web pages? The Community Learning Network has a comprehensive set of links to other BC schools whereas Web66 provides an international registry of school pages.

The Learning Page
An HTML template of a basic home page is provided with a lesson on how to change it to be your home page with your content.

Untangling the Web: Lesson Plan
The goal of this lesson plan is to have students examine sites on the World Wide Web for relevancy and credibility.

Web66: Macintosh Internet Server Cookbook
This site will lead you through the process of getting your school on the WWW. It lists the basic server equipment needed, how to write a basic HTML home web page, and the author offers suggestions on improving your pages.

Webmonkey for Kids
Webmonkey is intended to show children what's possible with the Web and teach them how to begin creating their own sites. There are lessons on the fundamentals of HTML and web design which can be augmented by suggested projects which give the students some hands-on experience. A "tool" section has links to web sites that have programs for writing HTML and there's a teacher's planning guide section.

Web Pages for Absolute Beginners
This is the introduction to Web pages for absolute beginners using Window 95 and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Web Page Tutorial
From SchoolNet, this tutorial is intended to introduce students and teachers to the basics of Web authoring.

Writing HTML - A Tutorial for Creating WWW Pages
This guide was written to help teachers create web pages that link to learning resource on the net. It includes Basic Level (lessons 1-14) and Advanced Level (lessons 15-23) and is available in an on-line and downloadable format.

WWW CyberGuide Ratings for Web Site Design
This guide is designed to help students design effective components for a Web page. This guide can be useful for teachers and students who are considering a Web page design for their school or other interests.

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