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Creating Web Pages (Advanced Level) Theme Page

This "Theme Page" has links to two types of resources related to the study of Creating Web Pages. Students and teachers will find curricular resources (information, content...) to help them learn about this topic. In addition, there are also links to instructional materials (lesson plans) which will help teachers provide instruction in this theme. Please read our disclaimer.

(The) Banner Generator
A number of tips are listed to help you create better banners for your web page.

Banner Design
Information on how to make effective banners, including definitions, standard sizes, cost per visitor, and size.

Clip Art Theme Page
This CLN theme page has links to a variety of clip art collections. Together, they contain thousands of free, uncopyrighted clip art, buttons, bars, backgrounds, bullets, animations, and icons.

Complete Index of HTML Tags
Each tag listed in Willcam's index is linked to a more complete description and information. Each link usually offers an example of how the tag can be written and a paragraph describing unusual situations.

Comprehensive Resource for Publishing on the World Wide Web
This site provides you with a comprehensive resource for publishing on the World Wide Web: tutorial, hints, reference, software tools, and more.

Customizing Your Web Pages
This tutorial shows you how to write Web pages that have creative features. For example, learn how to create activity pages (interactive activities over the Net); learn how change colours, textures and lines; and learn how to add images to your Web page.

Frames - An Introduction
Frames - divide your page into multiple, scrollable regions. Netscape offers a description of its frame features, syntax examples and implementation notes.

Guide to Web Style
A site developed by Sun Microsystems that gives a detailed and easy to read guide which presents the many different design and technical concepts to consider while creating a Web Page. Issues considered are: Navigation, Terms to avoid, Editorial review of web pages, Web facts, Scan ability and difference between paper and online presentation.

HTML (Advanced)
A terrific tutorial that helps you create an entire streaming presentation: Images synchronized with text and music. The latest technologies-DHTML, XML, SMIL, CSS, and more - and why you have to understand them as a developer.

HTML Help by the Web Design Group
The home page has a complete list of links for the advanced HTML author. The following links are presented to help deal with specific topics of interest.
  • Design Elements You will find style guides and standards for HTML authoring, an introduction to frames, information on image use and explainations on how to manipulate colours.
  • Links The authors include links to tutorials, style guides, reference materials and graphics.
  • Reference Section This section provides background information and technical specifications on HTML authoring. It lists an HTML 4.0 Reference and a Cascading Style Sheet Guide.
  • Web Authoring Tools Some of the tools include CSSCheck, (a cascading style sheets lint) and several validation, compatibility and accessibility checkers.

Tips, Tricks, How to, and Beyond
The author leads you through examples of coding for tables, frames, sound and dynamic documents. Also discussed are graphic issues, page layout and design, java script and applets, problems with CGI, announcing your web site and whats new about Netscape.

Web Graphics 101
There are two parts to this site. In "Intro to Graphics", students can learn the fundamentals of computer graphics for the Web (e.g., channels, color depth, dithering, gamma correction, vector graphics and image formats). There's also a set of "Tutorials" which provide assistance to web builders (who aren't designers) in coping with common image handlings tasks. Included within this section is information on scaling an image, adding transparency, reducing colors, taking a screen shot, modifying a GIF, and resaving a JPEG.

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