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W. O. Mitchell Theme Page

This "Theme Page" has links to resources related to the study of W. O. Mitchell. Students and teachers will find a range of information about the author. In addition, there are also several links to information about the Great Depression in Canada. Please read our Author Profile: W. O. Mitchell

Northwest Passages publishes this author profile for W.O. Mitchell. It describes part of his childhood, his university days and his career as a writer.

Author W. O. Mitchell Dead at 83
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) announces the death of W.O. Mitchell.

(A) Brief History of Regina, Saskatchewan
A descriptive outline of Regina's history beginning with the early First Nations hunters, who came to Regina to hunt buffalo. Half way through this article, the author describes the some of the living conditions and several events occurring in Regina during the Great Depression.

W. O. Mitchell
A sample entry from The Canadian & World Encyclopia that provides a quick historical description of Mitchell and several small summaries describing different themes from some of his writing.

W(illiam) O(rmond) Mitchell (1914-1998)
Published by the Well Known Canadians, this page is a brief biography of W. O. Mitchell. It outlines some of the events which occurred during his life before he published his first story and lists most of his work that follow after his first publishing.

"Who Has Seen the Wind"
Published as a sample from The Canadian & World Encyclopedia, the author summarizes the plot of W.O. Mitchell's novel "Who Has Seen the Wind".

Who's W. O. Mitchell
A short biography outlining his life history and a number of his works.

WritingDEN: The Great Depression
Part of an on-line interactive writing tutorial, the following pages discuss and describe events of Canadian depression on the Prairies. (The site uses optional RAM audio files if you have the necessary computer configuration.)

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