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Tropical Rainforests Theme Page

This "Theme Page" has links to two types of resources related to the study of Tropical Rainforests. Students and teachers will find curricular resources (information, content...) to help them learn about this topic. In addition, there are also links to instructional materials (lesson plans) which will help teachers provide instruction in this theme. Please read our Animal Awareness

A lesson plan designed for intermediate to junior high students. Students research a rainforest animal and present a report to classmates.

Animals of the Tropical Rainforest
In this webquest activity, primary students have the task of finding out more about 5 animals from the rainforest, drawing one of the animals, finding and taping animal sounds, and learning more on what can be done to protect the rainforest.

Biome Investigation
Using picture/graphical resources on the Internet as starting points, intermediate students investigate the six biomes of the world in this lesson plan. Two specific objectives are to describe the major factors that shape biomes and to represent the connections between the factors that determine biome development and plant and animal life.

Chocolate Fun
A lesson plan that has students make hot chocolate with different brands and test the pH levels. Information and links are to resources about the rainforest cacao plant.

Exploring the Environment: Tropical Poison
This module is part of "Exploring the Environment"™ (ETE) from NASA's Classroom of the Future™. In ETE, high school students are faced with a real life problem and their goal is to use problem solving skills and internet based data (e.g., remotely sensed satellite images) to propose and defend a solution. A Teacher's Guide is available. This link is to the ETE home page since it gives the easiest access to necessary introductory and teacher information. To access the tropical rainforests module, click on "Modules and Activities" and then "Tropical Poison."

Learning Space (LS) Rainforest Species: WWW Research Lesson
One of the ways to integrate the Internet into your classroom is by using it as a source of current curricular information. Having students conduct research on the WWW is an effective and relevant learning activity. Here's one such learning activity for intermediate students which focusses specifically on tropical rainforests.

Levels of the Rainforest Activity
A lesson mixing art design and science research to develop paper rainforest creatures. After producing their animal, students are to develop a model rainforest by posting them on a bulletin board or wall at the appropriate rainforest layer.

Rainforest Action Network: Kid's Corner
Designed for younger students, this site has information on the following topics: What students can do to help protect rainforests; Enter a rainforest art contest; Understanding native peoples of the rainforest; and Understanding rainforest animals.

Rainforest Realities
Here's a three week webquest in which students work in groups to research life within the Amazon rainforest from the perspective of a specific role (e.g., anthropologist, ethnobotnist, zoologist, cartographer). The unit contains suggested web sites, activities (both for the specific roles and for the group as a whole), and assessments.

Rain Forests and Plant Ecology
In this teaching unit, intermediate students use literature and related activities to learn about rain forests and planet ecology. Objectives of the unit include: to know at least ten animals of the rain forests; have an understanding of the geographic location of rain forests; be able to identify the various climates and people of the rain forests; understand why rain forests are endangered; and learn why rain forests are necessary for planet ecology and ways that people can help preserve the environment.

Rainforests - Information Centre
An Australian published meta-list of world rainforest resources. Many of the pages have advanced information on topics such as: Deep Ecology, Sustainable Forestry, World Rainforest Reports on current issues, and "ACTION" to encourage letter writing to politicians. For students and teachers, we have provided direct links to their following educational links within their site.

Rain Forests of the World
A five lesson teaching unit for grades 5-7 by Brenda Ward on Rain Forests. Student activities lead to the development of a report book.

What's It Like Where You Live: Rainforest
A site created for students just starting a research project concerning tropical rainforests. Discover the different types of rainforests, where they are, and what they are like.

World Resources Institute: Forest Frontiers Initiative
A meta-list of forest and rainforest resources for the world. Links are divided into the following seven forest regions: Africa, Asia, Central America, Europe and Russia, North America, Oceania, and South American. Further, the World Resources Institute site has additional resources categorized into the following major sectors that contribute to sustainable forest management information and activities: Business and Industry, Educational Resources, Forest Communities, Intergovernmental / International Organizations, and International Non-Governmental Organizations and Advocacy Groups.

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