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The Human Body's Senses: Touch Theme Page

Here are a number of links to Internet sites which contain information and/or other links related to the specific theme of the body's sense of touch. Please read our disclaimer.

Bags of Beads
Primary students learn about the sense of touch by replicating a given pattern of beads from a bag of unseen beads. They have to use touch to search for each shape in the order in which it occurs in the sample pattern.

Brain/Nervous System Theme Page
This CLN page has links to educational resources on the Brain/Nervous System for students who wish to explore further.

Five Senses (SEDL)
This teaching unit has seven lesson plans through which K-1 students learn about their senses within mathematics, science and language learning activities. Background information for the teacher is included in each lesson. Lessons 1 and 7 are introductory and culminating lessons. In lesson 4, students learn that their sense of touch helps them to learn about their world by feeling it. They also learn about size, texture and shape of things.

Five Senses (UtahLink)
This kindergarten curriculum unit from Utah contains background information for the teacher and 12 activities through which they can explore their senses.

[The] Five Senses: Touch
A four day teaching unit for grade 3 students. Students learn about the human body's sense of touch and participate in four activities.

Hands Only
The goals of this lesson plan are to have students identify sensory descriptors (e.g., smooth, rough, hard, soft, cold, warm), understand that objects can be described with one or more of these words, differentiate between the adjectives, and be able to associate them with objects.

Human Body: Sense Unit: Touch
A lesson plan for upper elementary students which has a hands-on activity to help students learn more about their sense of touch. The lesson is part of the BCTF Daybook.

Living with the Sun: Preventing Skin Cancer
A project-based lesson plan for a two week unit for middle school students. Links to web sites where students can obtain information are included within the plan.

Minutes from Me: Touching
A brief explanation plus a touch experiment.

[The] Skin
A brief explanation about the skin, interesting tidbits, and over a dozen experiments/activities for K-12 students related to touch.

Smile Program Biology Index
Teachers participating in the SMILE (Science and Mathematics Initiative for Learning Enhancement) summer session programs each create a single concept lesson plan. This database has 60 lesson plans in the section on Anatomy & Physiology that deal directly with the human body's senses and systems. Caution: Since there is a wide number of authors who have contributed to the database, the detail and quality of the lesson plans will vary.

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