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The Human Body's Senses: Taste Theme Page

Here are a number of links to Internet sites which contain information and/or other links related to the specific theme of the body's sense of taste. Please read our disclaimer.

Brain/Nervous System Theme Page
This CLN page has links to educational resources on the Brain/Nervous System for students who wish to explore further.

Making Sense of Taste
An explanation of the various factors that can lead to how tastes can vary from one person to another.

Five Senses (SEDL)
This teaching unit has seven lesson plans through which K-1 students learn about their senses within mathematics, science and language learning activities. Background information for the teacher is included in each lesson. Lessons 1 and 7 are introductory and culminating lessons. In lesson 6, students learn that their sense of taste helps them to select and enjoy food. They also learn about four familiar tastes.

Five Senses (UtahLink)
This kindergarten curriculum unit from Utah contains background information for the teacher and 12 activities through which they can explore their senses.

[The] Five Senses: Taste
A four day teaching unit for grade 3 students. Students learn the four basic tastes, where they originate, and participate in four activities.

Human Body: Sense Unit: Taste
A lesson plan for upper elementary students which has a hands-on activity that teaches them how tastes are identified when flavour molecules fit into the proper taste bud pits. The lesson is part of the BCTF Daybook.

It's a Taste Test
The goals of this lesson plan are to have students identify things by their sense of taste and be able to classify them as bitter, sour, sweet, salty, and umami.

Mapping our Tastebuds
Primary students can use this experiment to determine what parts of their tongue are sensitive to sour and bitter tastes.

Minutes from Me: Tasting
A brief explanation plus a taste experiment.

[The] Physiology of Taste
An article on how the body's taste sense operates.

Smile Program Biology Index
Teachers participating in the SMILE (Science and Mathematics Initiative for Learning Enhancement) summer session programs each create a single concept lesson plan. This database has 60 lesson plans in the section on Anatomy & Physiology that deal directly with the human body's senses and systems. Caution: Since there is a wide number of authors who have contributed to the database, the detail and quality of the lesson plans will vary.

Stick Out Your Tongue and Say Aah!
A brief explanation designed for kids about the tongue and its roles in chewing, swallowing, talking, and tasting.

Taste and Smell
This page from Newton's Apple has an explanation why taste and smell are related and an experiment to explore which sense (taste or smell) sends the clearest message to the brain.

Taster or Non-Taster
In this lesson plan, students in Grades 4-12 conduct an experiment to determine if they are tasters or non-tasters, chart their findings, and develop hypotheses explaining the results.

That's Tasty
A brief explanation, interesting tidbits, and taste experiments/activities for K-12 students.

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