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Teen Suicide Theme Page

This "Theme Page" has links to resources related to the study of Teen Suicide. Students and teachers will find curricular resources (information, content...) to help them learn about this topic. Please read our Adolescent Depression

Written by a clinical professor of child and adolescent psychiatry, this article investigates the recent increases in the adolescent suicide rate due to emotional problems. The author focuses on adolescent depression, how it can put adolescents at risk for suicide and how it can be successfully treated.

Children and Depression aka: Wing of Madness
A meta-list of resources dealing with suicide, depression, and other emotional problems teens may experience.

SA\VE - Suicide Awareness \ Voices of Education
A very comprehensive site for understanding issues regarding suicide. It has information identifying symptoms of depression and danger signs of suicide, many questions and answers, suicide facts and misconceptions, and what you can do if you or a friend are feeling suicidal.

Suicide information on this page is supported by the Canadian Kids Help Phone (1-800-668-6868 ). They also provide links to information on a number of other topics of concern for teens.

Child and Family Canada post these facts about Canadian youth and the impact of suicide. The facts are categoried into the following order: Canadian Situation, Hospitalization, Risk Factors, Sex Differences, and Aboriginal Children and Youth.

Suicide Prevention
The State University of New York offers students information about what suicide is about, what the warning signs might be, and how you can help someone who feels suicidal.

Teen Suicide
Suicide facts from the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry indicate a dramatic increase in suicidal behaviour in recent years. The information given is an overview of causes and symptoms for suicidal feelings.

Teen Suicide Fact Sheet
Facts from recent studies show a high percentage of gay and lesbian youth attempt suicide. The studies show that these youth are three times more at risk of suicide than heterosexual youth.

What to Do When a Friend is Depressed
A guide for teenagers when your friend's activity and outlook on life stay "down" for weeks and begin to affect your relationship. It examines the different causes for depression and what you can do to help. The guide dissolves many of the myths about suicidal feelings.

Youth Suicide in Australia
Information about the increase in teenage suicide in Australia. The article discusses how the feelings of depression and despair are treatable. It includes a list of the many signs and symptoms exhibited by someone feeling suicidal.

Youth Suicide Prevention Programs: A Resource Guide
A comprehensive document that describes in detail eight different suicide prevention programs. In order to assist people who may be developing a suicide prevention program, it recommends what elements and strategies of these programs appear most effective.

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