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Stained Glass Theme Page

This "Theme Page" has links to two types of resources related to the study of Stained Glass. Students and teachers will find curricular resources (information, content...) to help them learn about this topic. In addition, there are also links to instructional materials (lesson plans) which will help teachers provide instruction in this theme. Please read our Architectural Art Glass Light Show

Every few seconds, this site will display one of over 140 images of work created by professional artists. A small description of the work will accompany the image.

Ten articles discussing a number of different issues in stained glass work. Some of these articles include: Types of Glass, Design of a Stain Glass Hobby Studio, Cutting Glass, Soldering, Soldering Irons, and more.

Ask the Stained Glass Experts
A comprehensive site, supported by Delphi Stained Glass, for information on cutting glass, selecting glass, solving soldering problems, identifying qualities of tools, and starting your first projects.

(A) Brief History of Stained Glass
An article exploring some of the earliest known work with glass and coloured glass. Also, the page includes information about glass work conducted during the Renaissance and Medieval periods.

Copper Foil
An article outlining what different foils are available to the stained glass artist and describing the various applications for each.

Glass Art - Stained, Leaded and Faceted
A collection of photos from a vast array of glass projects. They are organized into the following categories: Stained Glass, Leaded Glass, Dalle DeVerre, Sculptures, Beveled Glass, Restoration, Ecclesiastical, Architectural, residential, Fantasy Glass, Lampshades, and Jewelry Boxes.

Glass for the World
Learn how a glass manufacturer creates different qualities of glass. A site developed by Glashutte Lamberts, a glass manufacturing company, describes how to make antique glass, restoration glass and streaky (variegated and graduated ) glasses. They have links to other resources organized according to the country of origin.

Other Materials That Can Be Incorporated Into Projects
A list of items such as blobs, jewels, crystals, bevels, shells, stones, agates and filigrees that can be included in a stained glass project. The author offers suggestions on how to prepare each of the items and install it into the design.

Five stained glass patterns are available for downloading.

Tips and Observations Index
The author provides information on a vast array of topics in stained glass. For example, there are general tips on using copper foil, cleaning a project, marking on glass, including mirrors, and using soldering boxes. Also, the author has a long list of instructional guides which describe broad areas of understanding for stained glass artists. Some of the guides are: identifying glass, fixing mistakes, the creative process, finding patterns, and much more...

Tour the Factory
Kokomo Oplescent Glass provides a brief step-by-step presentation of what must occur to produce a sheet of art glass.

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