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Songs for Children Theme Page

This "Theme Page" has links to Internet sources of Songs for Children. At these sites, you'll find the lyrics to songs that are popular with children. In some cases, there will also be downloadable sound files and occasionally you'll also have access to the musical score. Search engines which allow you to find songs by artist or by key word are also common.

Please note that not all of these sites will be "child-safe." Those that are intended specifically for children (e.g., they have "children" in the title) will probably be fine. However, we've also included links to folk songs, shanties, traditional tunes, and popular songs since these are commonly found in the classroom. However, these types of songs have a broader audience than just children and, as such, inappropriate content may be encountered. Please read our disclaimer.

[The] Children's Music Archives
Words to some favourite children's songs organized alphabetically.

[The] CISV Song Database
CISV ( Children's International Summer Villages) has collected words and guitar chords to CISV songs as well as to many pop classics and children's songs in different languages. Some sound files are also available.

Digital Muse: Australian Folk Songs
Words, music, sound files, and information on more than 100 Australian folk songs.

[The] Digital Tradition Folk Song Database
The Digital Tradition is a 1997 data base containing the words to over 6,500 folk songs plus sound files for many of them. The above link is to a searchable database. You can also browse through the database by accessing their Index or you can download the 1998 database to your own PC or MAC.

Folk Music of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and America
Lyrics and sound files for hundreds of folk songs categorized (and in some cases subcategorized) by type (e.g., songs of love, songs of war, lullabies and sad songs, songs of home, songs of the sea... ).

[The] Great Canadian Tune Book
Barry Taylor of Victoria BC offers this collection of my midi file arrangements of traditional Canadian tunes and folk songs to music educators. A sound card will be needed. (See also his site "Taylor's Traditional Tunebook" further down this page.)

KIDiddles - Mojo's Musical Museum
Terry Kluytmans of Sidney BC has stored the lyrics to hundreds of children's songs in this archive. Songs within the archive can be located with a search engine, by title, and by subject (e.g., traditional, lullabies, learning, food, silly-nilly, etc.).

KidzSing Garden of Songs
Words and sound files for children's nursery rhymes. There are also about a dozen children's songs (e.g., Christmas, Just-for-Fun).

Mama Lisa's World: Children's Songs and Rhymes of All Nations
Over 25 countries are represented in this collection of words to children's songs and nursery rhymes.

Shanties and Sea Songs
Words to over 60 shanties/sea songs.

Taylor's Traditional Tunebook
Barry Taylor of Victoria BC has accumulated over 500 sound files of traditional tunes from Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England, Canada, and the U.S. accompanied, for the most part, by lyrics. Entire sections of his collection can be downloaded.

UUNET Archive
Clicking on the above button will allow you to download the words to a wide variety of popular songs along with the guitar chords necessary to play them. This is an "FTP site" and, as such, it is not as friendly as the normal web site. Songs are organized into one of 26 alphabetized folders by artist (e.g., singer's last name, group, composer's last name). There are also occasional entries for type of song (e.g., Christmas).

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