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Self-Esteem Theme Page

This "Theme Page" has links to two types of resources related to the study of Self-Esteem. Students and teachers will find curricular resources (information, content...) to help them learn about this topic. In addition, there are also links to instructional materials (lesson plans) which will help teachers provide instruction in this theme. Please read our All of Me

In this Social Studies/Art Activity, children will develop a better appreciation of the roles they fill in their families and in their community.

AskERIC Lesson Plans - Health Education: Mental/Emotional Health
About 7 lesson plans covering various grade ranges in K-6.

Building Positive Student Self-Concept
A research document outlining the efforts by Stevenson-Carson School District to implement a program of increasing student self-concept. Four of the schools discuss the highlights of the activities they used and indicate their success.

Check Your Self-Esteem
An interactive evaluation measuring your current level of self-esteem.

Feeling Flashbacks
A lesson plan designed for grade 1-8 students. Its objective is to get students to share and express their feelings and to build a class sense of community.

How Can We Strengthen Children's Self-Esteem?
Written by Lilian Katz, Director of the ERIC Clearinghouse on Elementary and Early Childhood Education, this article defines what self-esteem is, how it is perceived by children and what parents and teachers can do to help improve a child's self-esteem.

Renfrew Center Expert Says Toys Aimed At Young Girls Can Damage Self-Esteem
An article which discusses how some toys can be detrimental to girls' self-esteem. These toys tend to encourage girls to shop for clothes, apply makeup and jewelry, and date to meet a husband. The toys, mixed with our cultural messages about the importance of beauty, can be an underlying cause for eating disorders.

Self-Esteem Activity
Designed for grade 4-7 students, this lesson plan can help increase the positive feelings they have about themselves and the classroom atmosphere. A daily routine of checking each student's positive/negative ratio is suggested. Students with a low rating will receive positive statements from other members of the class.

Self-Esteem Builders
A list of strategies for teachers from grade K-12 to use to help raise student self-esteem.

Self Esteem/Class Pride
From education world, a lesson plan for grades 3-5 that asks students to think about their 5 unique talents and compare them to the class as a whole.

Self-Esteem Test: Do You Believe in Yourself?
This page has an on-line test of your self-esteem. It provides links to other types of personality tests.

Students Teach Students: Using Student Essays To Build Coping Skills and Self-Esteem
How to use essays written by teens about issues that they face that can help build their self esteem and ability to overcome trouble.

Ten Activities to Build Self Esteem
"Teaching in a junior high, I often see intelligent girls and boys begin to transform themselves in dress, talk, and actions from above-average performers to average ones in an attempt to fit in. To counteract peer pressure, I include activities to help my students feel more comfortable with the people they are." (Glori Chaika)

What Is Self-Esteem
A lesson plan to help grade 4-12 students compare and contrast between the traits in low self-esteem and high self-esteem.

Who I am Collage?
A lesson plan for grades K-6 on self esteem which gives students a chance to reflect on who they are and share it with their class.

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