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Science Fair Theme Page

Here are a number of links to Internet sites which contain information and/or other links related to the specific theme of Science Fairs. Please read our disclaimer.

Experimental Science Projects
  • An Introductory Level Guide The page describes the steps needed to complete a science fair project and provides a sample project for you to learn from.
  • An Intermediate Level Guide This guide contains much of the information from the Introductory Level Guide (above). Additional material includes ways to help distinguish between different types of scientific studies, more detail about the experimental scientific method, and an introduction to experimental error.

Idea Generation
Science fair project ideas can be hard to think of and to decide on. The information on this page suggests different ways that you can find ideas and decide if they are suitable for a project. Other information from this page includes links to: sample student projects, steps to submitting a project, steps involved in doing a project, and how projects are judged.

[The] Science Fair Page
A page to help students and teachers identify the key issues and concerns as they begin a science fair project. Many questions are listed that are important for students to ask as they initiate their planning process.

Science Fair Project Resource Guide
A source of links to all manner of web sites dealing with Science Fairs - some already on this page and some not.

Science Fairs
A meta-list of more than two hundred science fairs occurring around the world. Many science fairs from Canada are listed.

Science Fair Foundation
Here's a home page intended to assist teachers and students with science fair projects. It includes information and advice on how best to present a project as well as the contact names and numbers for the regional science fair organizer in British Columbia.

Science Fairs Homepage
Getting an idea for a project is the most difficult aspect of the science fair. This site has links to pages listing project ideas for Primary, Elementary, Intermediate, and Senior students.

Science Project Guidelines
From their experience in judging school science fairs, the staff from Kennedy Space Center have written a page of guidelines for creating science projects. These basic guidelines are to help students create a complete project and avoid making some of the common errors the staff often see while judging projects.

[The] Ultimate Science Fair Resource
Practical advice for students including step-by-step instructions on doing a science fair project, advice on categorizing a project, project hints, help in writing a report and in displaying results, and links to other "how to" web sites. If you're looking for ideas, they have three resources: their own page of ideas, links to other web sites with ideas, and an idea bulletin board.

[The] Virtual Science Fair
The Virtual Science Fair is an innovative and worthwhile 'made in Canada' project to promote the best use of computer/Internet technology plus Science.

Your Guide to Science Fair Projects: From Idea to Exhibit
A main menu page to a comprehensive list of science fair steps to follow. Each step has information to help you initiate, research, develop and complete your science fair project.

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