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Quit Smoking Theme Page

Below are other CLN "Theme Pages" which complement this Theme Page. While there may be some duplication of resources, the links that appear on this Quit Smoking Theme Page focus entirely on helping people to stop smoking while the Tobacco Abuse Theme Page is more general in nature. Theme pages have links to both curricular resources that will help students to understand the topic and links to instructional materials for teachers.

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Tobacco Abuse Theme Page

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General Quit Smoking Resources

Here are a number of links to other Internet resources which contain information and/or other links related to Stopping Smoking. Please read our disclaimer.

Foundation for Innovations in Nicotine Dependence
Information from this non-profit corporation includes a set of FAQs and a series of informational booklets (e.g., Twelve Tips to Quit Smoking WITHOUT gaining weight! Daily Tips to Help You Quit Smoking; Quitting smoking: Is it all in your head? "Cold Turkey" vs. Nicotine Replacement vs. Zyban: Which is Best for You, and Why? Nicotine Dependence Questionnaire).

[The] Great American Smokeout
The American Cancer Society website is celebrating its 25th year of this event.

[The] Great American Smokeout:Anti Smoking Activities Permeate the Curriculum
Internet-based anti-smoking activities for students across the subjects and across the grades from Education World as well as links to related sites.

Canadian Health Network - Tobacco
Looking for Canadian resources on Tobacco? CHN has made a selection of resources for you to look at covering all age groups.

I Want to Stop Smoking (or Chewing) Tobacco
Advice and suggestions on preparing to quit, quitting (first two weeks), what to expect in the early stages, strategies to help you in the early stages, and staying tobacco free.

[The] Patch Project
The goal of the Program Against Teen Chewing (PATCH) is to help adolescent males quit using spit tobacco. The web site contains information on the dangers of chewing tobacco and advice on how to quit.

The goal of this site is to help smokers kick their nicotine addiction. In addition to text guides that provide basic information (e.g., Reasons to Quit, What Happens When You Quit, Getting Started, Quitting), there is a support community, moderated discussion forums, personal mailboxes, live news feed, interactive tools and questionnaires, and more. Customized information and advice are available to registered users.

(The) Real Scoop on Tobacco
Students can become experts about tobacco use and issues surrounding its use after completing this WebQuest activity. In the process of helping a fictitious peer quit smoking, students create an ad or poster to convey their message visually, write a letter to a tobacco company and an editorial for the local paper, and create a memorable message using a music video, skit, or TV commercial.

Smoking Cessation Self-Help Program
This section from the Fronske Health Centre's web site contains self test for smokers, quitting methods, quitting tips, recovery symptoms to expect, managing recovery symptoms, maintenance tips, and suggestions for dealing with relapse. You'll need to scroll down the page (or use their navigation button) to get to the applicable set of links.

Stop Smoking Clinic
About 20 articles intended to provide reinforcement to people who are going through the turmoil of quitting.

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