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Publish Your Creative Work On-Line Theme Page

This "Theme Page" has links to resources which will help students to publish their creative work (stories, poetry, art, etc) on-line. Please read our Canadian Dreams

The Salon presents contemporary Canadian poetry. It publishes poems by Canadian poets and by those interested in Canada. The links on this page will direct you to the poems written by the poets they have published on-line.

Children's Haiku Garden
An opportunity to see Haiku poems written and illustrated by children from Japan, United States, Canada, and Britain. Teachers can also submit poetry written by their students.

Cyberkids: Creative Works
Cyberkids publishes original creative work by kids ages 7 to 12. Possible submissions include art, writing, games/puzzles, and multimedia.

This quarterly zine accepts creative submissions from students 19 or younger. While a fair number are published in each edition, there is a lengthy time between issues. Possible submissions include "stories, articles, poems, editorials, art, photos, comics, reviews of software, web sites or books, music compositions, Shockwave movies, or whatever!"

Global Children's Art Gallery
The Global Children's Art Gallery displays childrens' drawings (ages 1 to 12) from around the world.

Highwired.Net: Newspapers
Elementary, middle, and high schools can create and post their school newspaper at this site for free.

KidNews, a free writing service for students and teachers, publishes young authors. Possible submissions include stories, news articles, poetry, critiques, real life accounts, opinions, and reviews.

This site has published thousands of stories and poems from kids. Submissions are posted within a couple of days.

Kids' Space
Kids 12 and younger can submit pictures, stories, picture books, and music.

Student poems are published on this web site in the section titled "Homegrown Verse." There's also a section where entire classes can submit their creations.

Poetry Pals
The K-12 Student Poetry Publishing Project allows students or classes from around the world to submit their work for publishing. This site has a moderator to check for appropriate editing and content.

[The] Refrigerator Art Contest
Each week this site chooses five contestants to participate in an art competition.

Writer's Corner
This section of CBC4Kids allows students to submit (or read) short stories, poetry, or non-fiction and have their work published on this Canadian Broadcasting Corporation web site.

Writes of Passage
This literary organization gives creative and talented teens an outlet for publishing their poems and stories that "reveal the truth, fears, confusion, excitement, controversy and reality of teenage life."

Kids can contribute poems, stories, art, or pictures to this online newspaper for kids.

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