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This "Theme Page" is unlike most other CLN Theme Pages in that it does NOT have links to curricular resources or instructional materials. It's simply a set of links to web sites that have their own searchable collections of pictures, offer a search engine for finding pictures, or provide a metalist of links to photographs of a particular type. The use of digital pictures can enhance the learning of students of all ages and in many different subject areas - for example in providing resources for report writing. Teachers of all subjects may also find these links useful for supplementing their own lessons.

DISCLAIMER: Many of the pictures present on the Internet are protected by copyright. Open Learning Agency, in locating and displaying links to those sites, does not hold, grant, or imply any license to use these images for any purpose other than viewing them on the Web. Any other use of pictures on these external web sites is governed by whatever copyright notices those sites post. We encourage you to look for these notices and advise that it is your responsibility to ensure that you have permission to download any images from one of these external sites.

Note also that since the external sites can have large numbers of pictures, it is possible that some of these may be inappropriate or offensive to some people. OLA assumes no responsibility for the content or quality of pictures on these external sites.

AltaVista Photo and Media Finder
The AltaVista search engine has a feature through which you can search the entire web by keyword for images, videos and audios. Note that AltaVista advises its users that most material will likely be copyrighted and they will need to contact the owner for permission to use them.

[The] Amazing Picture Machine
In addition to the searchable archive of pictures, the North Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium also offers ideas to teachers about how pictures might be effective in their own lessons. In addition, they provide a set of links to about a dozen sample lesson plans covering a variety of subects and ages. They also advise their users that "it would probably be wise to assume that any picture found on the Internet is protected by copyright."

CanPix Gallery
An image base of over 3,500 pictures and audio visual resources of Canadian events, places, people, culture and symbols. All images are copywritten. See their notice for provisions for use.

Clip Art Theme Page
This CLN Theme Page is a collection of links to free clip art collections. While not "photographs" in the traditional sense, students may find the image they're seeking within this type of collection. is a web search engine for images instead of text. Hits are shown in the form of thumbnail images with the size and number of images controlled by the user. Information about the web site holding the image is provided to users in the expectation that should they wish to use that image, they would first obtain the appropriate permission from the owner of the material.

Over 4,000 pictures divided into 19 main sections with 250 sub headings. There is also a search engine. At the time of review, the "Rules" section of the web sites advised that the photos were free for non commercial use provided that credit was given to the FreeFoto web site.

Historical Photographs Online
A meta list of links from the University of California to web sites containing historical photographs.

Lycos Image Gallery
Lycos offers their own browsable/searchable picture gallery containing free images, pictures, and illustrations. You can also use their engine to search the Internet. Read their "disclaimer" for their conditions for use.

NOAA Photo Collection
This public domain photograph and image collection from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reflects their broad study of the natural world. It has thousands of digitized images of weather and space, marine species, and shores and coastal seas which can be browsed from various albums/collections or searched by key word. Most photos are not copyrighted and, at present, no fee is charged for their use. However, photo credit must be given.

Billed as a "copyright-friendly image library for teachers and students", Pics4Learning offers thousands of donated images for teachers and students. There's a search function or you can browse through the 27 topics (with sub-topics) for the picture you wish.

Smithsonian Institution
This link is to the home page of the Office of Imaging, Printing and Photographic Services of the United States' Smithsonian Institution. There's a browsable index as well as a search engine. Note that all images are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without permission.

SUNET: Swedish University Network
Over 30 categories of pictures that you can download from this FTP site. Note that SUNET does not own the copyright to any of them.

Time Life Photo Sight
Archives of photographs from Time Inc. magazines, including TIME, LIFE, FORTUNE, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, and more. The "Time Life Photo Gallery" is a selection of some of their best photos organized by subject. In "Photo Essay" there are photographs for specific stories created just for the web site, and check out "Photo Fun" for amusing pictures.

Yahoo Image Surfer
Use the Yahoo directory structure to find pictures under the categories of Arts, Entertainment, People, Recreation, Science, and Vehicles. Information about the web site hosting the picture is provided.

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Note: The sites listed above will serve as a source of picture archives and, as such, it can support just about any subject area. Click the "previous screen" button below or click here if you wish to return directly to the CLN menu which will give you access to educational resources in all of our subjects.