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Mythology Theme Page

Below are the CLN Pages which address related issues to the Theme of Mythology.

Ancient Civilizations Theme Page

Medieval Studies Theme Page

Stories and Fairytales Theme Page

Specific Mythology Resources

Here are a number of links to other Internet resources which contain information and/or other links related to Mythology. Please read our disclaimer.

Concepts Principles of Aeronautics: Mythology
This series of lesson plans was designed for students interested in aeronautics - the link between aeronautics and mythology being "mythological stories developed as a result of man's early observations of flying objects and his attempts to explain the natural phenomena." However, the mythology focus throughout all the lessons will be useful for language arts teachers. Lessons are divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced activities.

Core Knowledge Lesson Plan
  • Climbing to the Top of Mount Olympus Nine lessons for intermediates students on Greek and Roman mythology and its influence on modern society. Student activities include creating poems, commercials, newspapers, and clay figures.

Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts
About 200 electronic copies of folklore and myths. Some are organized by the name of their principal characters or author (e.g., Hertha, Whittier), some by culture (e.g, Japanese, Norse), and others by type of myth (e.g., frog kings, human sacrifice, nightmares, sleeping heroes, travellers, or witchcraft).

Lesson 2: Ancient Greek Mythology
Lesson on ancient Greece requiring students to do Internet research and write an essay.

Lesson Plan on Myths, Folktales and Legends
Some ideas, as well as links to Internet resources, for teaching junior and senior high school students about these forms of literature.

Mythology in Western Art
Here is a collection of scanned images from various periods of Western art depicting the deities and heroes mentioned in Homer.

Regional Mythology Sites: Many Regions
The following resources provide information on a number of different regional myths. All of the sites listed below organize their links by region (e.g., Egyptian, Roman, Greek) to enable easy searches for a specific type of mythology. Most of them have additional information besides regionalized links. Check out our links to a selected sample of specific mythologies below as well.

Regional Mythology Sites: Specific Regions
The following resources focus on the mythologies of few specific regions or language groups. Typically, they may contain information on characters, including gods/goddesses, heroes, creatures, as well as creation stories. For other links to resources for these regions, and for links to resources in regions not listed, check out our section on "general sites" just above.

Teaching with Folklore
In this teacher-focused site, "folklore" is broken up into the categories of "fables", "legends", "myths", "tales" and "religious". In each category, the author has compiled links to sites that provide classroom activities, lesson plans, and cross curricular extensions in these areas. Lots of practical, valuable help for teachers.

Valley of the Ancients
Sections of this site are titled: Ancient Civilizations; Magic, Beliefs & Prophecies; Gods, Goddesses & Myth; Ancient Mysteries; and Gallery on Eliki.

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