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Multimedia Theme Page

This "Theme Page" has links to resources related to the study of Multimedia. Students and teachers will find curricular resources (information, content...) to help them learn about this topic. Please read our disclaimer.

Creating Web Pages (Advanced Level) Theme Page
CLN provides a series of links for the advanced HTML programmer. These links will lead you to information on topics such as JavaScripts, Frames, Banners, Forms, Colour, Style Sheets and more...

Creating Web Pages (Introductory Level) Theme Page
This CLN page is created for the beginning HTML programmer. These links will lead you to information explaining basic structures needed in HTML tags, methods of evaluating and designing a simple home page, and developing sites with an educational focus.

DVD (Digital Versatile Disc or Digital Video Disc)
A meta-list of links with information describing the progress made in the development of this medium.

Hypertext Terms
A glossary of hypertext terms.

Internetworking Multimedia
A book about interactive multimedia on the Internet. The author describes the technologies and systems that make interactive multimedia flexible and scaleable for distributed systems using the Internet. Note that this is a large document that takes a while to download.

Multimedia Authoring Web
Here's a meta-list of more than 800 annotated links to multimedia sites with a keyword and category search engine. It includes links to 3D design, QuickTime, multimedia software developers, conferences, use of different media and much more...

Multimedia Content and the Superhighway: Rapid Acceleration or Foot on the Brake
An exploration into the U.S laws protecting ownership in multimedia. The authors identify copyright issues of unrestricted use of content and the moral issues of changing the work of others. Multimedia developers will need to know that electronic rights may be separate issues from paper publishing rights. The use of film, soundtrack, music and photos may be protected by their copyright laws.

Multimediator - Canada's Multimedia Guide
A extensive site devoted to helping students learn about and discover issues in the dynamic multimedia industry.  From this home page, there are links to associations, events, Internet resources, employment, Canadian multimedia developers, discussion forums, articles, reports, and the weird and wonderful sites.  The following links provide a direct path to pages with educational information.
  • Essentials Developer resources, guides, news, periodicals....
  • Publications Thought provoking multimedia articles.

(The) New News
"Digital, on-line multimedia technology is changing the nature of news." Published in the Toronto Star, this article discuss how multimedia News services allows the consumers to decide what News they will expose themselves to. Before multimedia, the News was delivered and you either accepted it or rejected it.

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