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This "Theme Page" has links to websites which provide ready-made maps of use in classrooms. Please read our disclaimer.

For websites that teach about map-making and about reading maps -- either curricular resources (information, content...) for students to learn about this topic, or instructional materials (lesson plans) for teachers -- see the companion Mapping Theme Page.

CIA World Fact Book
In addition to being a primary source of summarized geographic information, the Factbook also provides:
  • A small, printable map of each country in the world
  • Regional Reference Maps of larger land areas
  • An Appendix F that lists the latitude and longitude of every significant city and landform in the world.

DFRP Map Navigator
The Directory of Federal Real Property is a service of the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, in the form of an interactive map. It's not primarily for general public use and the interface has a bit of a learning curve. But for most built-up locales in Canada, clicking the "i" button and a map location displays that location's latitude and longitude to four decimal places. That's accurate enough to distinguish between one house and the next.

MapBlast! and MapQuest
These two commercial sites allow users to interactively browse and zoom their way to millions of locations worldwide, and to print their maps at a variety of scales.

Maps and Globes
Geography World's meta-list of links to over 75 sites on maps.

Maps and References
There are hundreds of maps at this site. A large number are of the United States, but there are also plenty of world maps, maps of other countries, interactive maps, links to libraries of maps, tutorials on maps, and on-line atlases. The site also contains other standard reference works (e.g., dictionaries, telephone directories, etc.).

National Atlas of Canada
The Canadian National Atlas - including base maps, geographic names, and thematic maps.

National Geographic Society
The premier U.S. provider of popular geographic knowledge has two map resources of interest to students and teachers.
  • Map Machine This site generates a variety of physical and political maps, and satellite-image maps, by pointing and clicking. Fast Internet connection required.
  • Xpeditions The teacher's favourite! This site has PDF-format outline maps that social studies teachers give to students for colouring, for naming rivers and cities, and so on. Both "detailed" and "blank" maps are available.

Online Map Creation
Students can create maps interactively by filling out a form designating the area they want mapped and the results are then presented on their screen via their browser. A Postscript version of the map can also be downloaded.

PCL Map Collection
This site contains on-line maps from all over the world. Maps can can be viewed and saved for later reference.

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