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Macbeth Theme Page

This "Theme Page" has links to two types of resources related to the study of Shakespeare's Macbeth. Students and teachers will find curricular resources (information, content...) to help them learn about this topic. In addition, there are also links to instructional materials (lesson plans), which will help teachers provide instruction in this theme. Please read our disclaimer.

[The] Complete Works of William Shakespeare: Macbeth
An online version of the play. The Website also houses the complete works of William Shakespeare. In addition, there is a Shakespeare discussion area, a search engine, links to other resources on the Internet, a chronological listing of plays, and Bartlett's familiar Shakespearean quotations.

Lesson Plan Archive
Scroll down this page from the Folger Shakespeare Library to find a number of lesson plans on Macbeth and all of the other plays the bard has written. This site is an excellent source of understanding the Shakespearean mind.

A brief Ask Eric lesson plan where junior and senior high students read and understand Macbeth, apply verifying strategies to what they have read, apply prediction strategies to what they have read, make comparisons between characters as they undergo changes in Macbeth, and apply the themes of Macbeth to their lives today.

A translation of the play into a contemporary, chatty style.

Macbeth by Mr. William Shakespeare
Thirteen lesson plans to teach a unit on Macbeth to high school students.

Macbeth Explained in Modern English
In this site, Macbeth is explained in modern English. Included is an online text, synopses of the scenes, critical essays and character sketches.

The Tragedy of Macbeth: Unit Plan Homepage
There are five lesson plans in this teaching unit along with essay questions.

Macbeth Plugged
This ThinkQuest entry offers an annotated version of the play with multimedia augmentation. Note: pages can be difficult to read.

Shakespeare Alive! Teaching Materials
A collection of teaching ideas and activities for Shakespeare teachers. Follow the direct links below to those intended for Macbeth students, or use the link above to find general introductory activities as well as those intended for other plays.

Shakespeare Theme Page
Curricular and instructional material resources about Shakespeare, the period in which he lived and worked, his poetry, and his other plays.

Student Study Notes to Shakespeare's Macbeth
Synopses of the acts and scenes in Macbeth complete with hyperlinked explanations and glossaries.

TrackStar is an online interface that allows instructors to create lessons for students by sequencing existing instructional content in various Websites within a lesson. Students explore one topic at a particular location within one Website then move on to the next topic at another Website. The list of topics remains visible throughout the lesson so that students can remain on track. Explorations of the Websites beyond the designated instructional content are also possible.

This link is to their search page from where a keyword search on "Macbeth" will produce a couple of hits. Caution #1: Many of the Websites that these lessons access may already be on this CLN page - it's the creation of lesson objectives and the sequencing of the tours through the sites that make the lesson potentially useful to your students. Caution #2: The quality of the lessons (e.g., defining objectives, finding Websites, sequencing the tours) will vary widely within the TrackStar collection.

We're Making Macbeth
Read this multimedia journal to learn how students at the University of Sheffield taught Macbeth to an elementary class. The journal has a description of each of the activities that was used and QuickTime movies of the students engaging in the activity.

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