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Educational Resources in Multiculturalism
This CLN subject page has links to other CLN pages giving curricular and instructional materials in the study of Multiculturalism.

Genealogy Theme Page
This CLN Theme Page has links to information on the web on how to research your heritage.

Specific Canadian Immigration Resources

Here are a number of links to other Internet resources which contain information and/or other links related to Canadian Immigration. Please read our disclaimer.

19th Century Canadian Settlement Patterns
This is chapter 5 of Volume I of the Canada Heirloom Series. It gives an overview of immigration to Canada during the 1800's starting first with information on each region of Canada (starting on the east coast and working westwards) and then giving summaries on various ethnic communities. Note: navigation through this chapter is linear only. Selecting a different "Chapter" from the menu bar will take you to an entirely different topic.

(The) Annotated Bibliography of Canadian Immigration Research 1982-1992
This publication is the result of an immigration research project from Concordia University. The bibliography about Canadian immigration compiles annotations from articles, books, documents and any other relevant literature and organizes them into the following categories: Demography, Economics Aspects, Policy, Refugees and Social.

Carolyn's Canadian Immigration Information
A personal perspective of what one person experienced as she and her family struggled with the bureaucracies to immigrate to Canada. From her main page, you can read her story or you can access the table of contents. From the table of contents, she links to many issues regarding immigrating and identifies the important steps to investigate. She also suggests ways to make the process easier.

(The) Children of Immigrants - How Do They Fare?
A document discussing the impact of being a child of parents who are immigrants to Canada. The theme focuses on whether children of immigrant parents have a more difficult or easier time achieving success in Canadian society than children of Canadian born parents.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)
  • About US
    This section provides information on Citizenship and Immigration Canada, including highlights of immigration, citizenship, and historical photos.
  • Before You Leave
    A fact sheet prepared detailing what documents immigrants should bring with them as they enter Canada. Also it includes a list of "things they should know" about Canada.
  • Immigrating to Canada
    This page provides access to a significant amount of information describing what is needed to immigrate to Canada. It includes a guide for people seeking long-term residence, instructions on obtaining a visitor's visa, an on-line Adobe Acrobat immigrants kit and much more.
  • Publications
    Many of the vast number of recent publications regarding Canada's immigration instructions, laws, policies, facts and figures are available on-line and in a downloadable format.

Family History
A lesson plan designed for grade 5 and up. It helps students to "work closely with their family, identify their ancestors, appreciate their ethnic backgrounds, understand the concept of immigration, connect events in history with the movement of their ancestors and become more cognizant of their own unique individual makeup and its cultural origins..." This plan is written for American schools but easily adapted to any culture.

Frequently Asked Questions about Independent Immigration To Canada
A document that uses questions and answers to identify many of the immigrant's issues. Also, it includes a series of questions and answer that describes what Canada is like.

Home Away from Home
In this lesson plan, grade 6-12 students use a NY Times article as a starting point to "explore the many ways that diverse immigrant populations impact cities by investigating the local immigrant populations."

Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada
"The Immigration and Refugee Board is an independent tribunal established by the Parliament of Canada. Our mission, on behalf of Canadians, is to make well-reasoned decisions on immigration and refugee matters, efficiently, fairly, and in accordance with the law."

In the Melting Pot: Understanding the Immigration Process
In this lesson plan, grade 6-12 students use a NY Times article as a starting point to examine "a different aspect of the immigration process (such as visas, work permits, and citizenship exams) or of illegal immigration (such as deportation), to better understand the immigration process in the United States." Concepts covered in the lesson should be adaptable to the Canadian experience.

Multiculturalism in Canada
An on-line essay about Canadian immigration and multiculturalism. Contents include: Immigration: The Early Years; Attitudes Toward Immigrants; Immigration in the Modern Era; Ethnic and Racial Diversity; Multicultural Policy, and Prospects for the Future.

[The] Peopling of Canada 1891-1921
An on-line tutorial from the University of Calgary that covers the 1891-1921 time period in Canadian History. Text-book type chapters describe seven topics: Canada Before 1891, Canada in 1891, Settlement Era, Immigration and Migration Patterns 1891-1921, Boom Years: 1901-1913, Canada in 1921, and Continuity and Change.

[The] Peopling of Canada 1946-1976
Also from the University of Calgary, this tutorial examines Canada's immigration policies and events from 1946-1976. Text-book type chapters describe six topics: Post World War II, Boom and Bust, World Centred, Population Movements, Populating the East, and Western Challenges.

A landmark in Canadian history, Pier 21 is the location of the Immigration Shed in Halifax, Nova Scotia. During a 50 year period, the Immigration Shed is where hundreds of thousands of immigrants, refugees and war brides firsted entered as they were accepted into Canada. Read some of the stories from people as they remember stepping foot for the first time on Canadian soil. See pictures of ships arriving in Halifax to unload their passengers of immigrants. Play several word games based on words from the Pier 21 site.

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