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First Nations Treaties, Law, and Land Claims Theme Page

This "Theme Page" has links to two types of resources related to the study of First NationsTreaties, Law, and Land Claims. Students and teachers will find curricular resources (information, content...) to help them learn about this topic. In addition, there are also links to instructional materials (lesson plans) that will help teachers provide instruction in this theme. Please read our disclaimer.

Aboriginal Land Claims
This grade 10 teaching unit from SchoolNet's Contemporary Aboriginal Issues web site contains background information, student questions, student activities, and links to additional resources.

Aboriginal Rights Coalition - British Columbia
This Website provides information on Map of Treaties in BC, Frequently Asked Questions on Aboriginal Issues in British Columbia, and a British Columbia Historical Overview.

BC Treaty Commission
The British Columbia Treaty Commission is an independent, provincial body, responsible for facilitating all treaty negotiations in the province of BC, with the exception of Nisga'a treaty negotiations.

Bill Henderson's Law Office
Bill Henderson is a Toronto lawyer practicing in issues of Aboriginal, Treaty, and other rights and concerns of First Nations. His comprehensive Website includes links to: A Brief Introduction to Aboriginal Law in Canada, Aboriginal Law and Legislation Online, and Henderson's Annotated Indian Act. Resources includes informational articles and links to related Web resources.

Canada-Indian Treaties
This section of the National Atlas Information Service provides maps showing areas covered by treaties from pre-Confederation to 1923. A table gives details of treaties, including parties involved. The map is at scale 1:7 500 000.

Congress of Aboriginal People - Constitutional Issues
The primary goal at CAPonline is to provide you with information you are unlikely to find anyshere else about Aboriginal peoples across Canada who live in a non-reserve setting whether urban, rural or wilderness. In addition to information necessary to contact their affiliate organizations, they supply virtually hundreds of links to other Aboriginal sites.

Indian and Northern Affairs, Canada
This federal government Website has a number of areas with relevant information, for example in their sections on legislation, treaties, and publications. Browse through the site from the main menu (above) or go directly to any of the following:

Indian Claims Commission
The Indian Claims Commission is an independent, federal body to inquire into and report on disputes between First Nations and the Government of Canada relating to claims based on treaties, agreements or administrative actions. Their web site provides information on the progress of claims (by province), including the full text of some ICC inquiry reports.

Ludelimst'im' n'isim'
Ludelimst'im' n'isim' is the Website for the Gitanyow Hereditary Chiefs who hold and exercise Aboriginal rights and title on approximately 6,500 square miles of traditional territory in the B.C. mid-Nass watershed. The Gitanyow's claim to these territories was accepted for negotiation in 1994 by both the federal and provincial governments. An issue that has impacted these negotiations is whether there is overlap of traditional territories with the Nisga'a. As noted in the Web site, "the Gitanyow have long disputed the Nisga'a claim to about 84% of the Gitanyow territory." This site has information on the Gitanyow's history, territory, and treaty news that could be useful to students researching the Nass Valley treaty process.

Ministry of Attorney General - Treaty Negotiations Office
This Ministry's major responsibility is to lead the Province of British Columbia in negotiating fair and just treaties with First Nations. Informational links are organized in the following categories: Treaty Negotiations, BC First Nations, Historical References, Publications and Policy Documents, Frequently Asked Questions, and News Releases

Nisga'a Land Claims
Topics covered in this SchoolNet site are: The 1913 Petition; Background to the Land Claim Negotiations, The B.C. Indian Position (Constitution), Nisga'a Presentation to Royal Commission, Framework Agreement 1991, Fisheries Component, and Interim Protection Measures Agreement 1992.

Treaties, Agreements, and Other Constructive Arrangements
This resource from the Center For World Indigenous Studies' Fourth World Documentation Project contains international information on: Bilateral Treaties and Accords, Multilateral and International Instruments, Agreements Between Indian Nations and Local Governments, and Treaty Related Documents

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