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First Nations History Theme Page

This "Theme Page" has links to curricular resources (information, content...) to help students/teachers learn about the History of First Nations People. Please read our disclaimer.

BC Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs: Historical References
A brief summary of British Columbia's history as it touches upon Aboriginal affairs.

Canada-Indian Treaties
This section of the National Atlas Information Service provides maps showing areas covered by treaties from pre-Confederation to 1923. A table gives details of treaties, including parties involved. The map is at scale 1:7 500 000.

Canada's Native Peoples
This is Volume II of the Canada Heirloom Series containing eight chapters, each giving a history of Native Groups within a region of Canada. Chapter cover the history of Aboriginal life in Cape Breton, St. Lawrence Lowlands, Woodland, Plains, NWT/Yukon/BC, Arctic, Metis, and Northwest Coast.

Canadian Museum of Civilization: First Peoples Hall/Archeology Hall
Over a dozen exhibits on the history and culture of First People in Canada including the Arctic.

Explorers Theme Page
This page contains some resources that look at the exploration of the New World from the First Nations' perspective.

First Nations Histories
This site has histories of approximately 240 tribes ( from first contact to 1900). Although the tribes will be primarily from the U.S., First Nations from Canada and Mexico that had important roles (Huron, Micmac, Assiniboine, etc.) will be included. Documents on tribes has information in the following categories: location, population, names, language, sub-nations, villages and bands, current groups, culture, and history.

First Nations Territories of the Pacific Northwest
This subsection of "The Northwest Connection," a Website focusing on Native art, provides a condensed history of the Northwest Coastal people with an emphasis on their cultural history.

A Historical Look at Canada & B.C.'s Relationship With First Nations
A brief timeline of major events in BC with a First Nations impact.

[A] History of the Northwest Coast
A collection of excerpts from journals during the European/Indian contact period on the NW Coast.

Hudson's Bay Digital Collection
Images of the Hudson's Bay Company's museum collection donated to the Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature. Resources are organized within Ten categories, including Inuit, Aboriginal, and Metis cultures.

Information about Innu History and Culture
About fifty articles/resources on the history of the Innu (formerly known as Montagnais or Naskapi) of eastern Quebec and Labrador.

Masks Theme Page
These CLN Theme Page has a number of links on the First Nations' use of masks. See in particular,, Richard Hunt, and the U'Mista Cultural Centre Potlatch Collection.

Native American History Resources on the Internet
A meta-list of links to Websites/resources dealing with Aboriginal history. Note: many of the meta-list's sites that would be of interest to Canadian students are already present on this theme page.

Native Soldiers, Foreign Battlefields: The Wartime Contribution of Canada's First Peoples
In producing this publication, Veterans Affairs Canada hopes that Canadians, particularly those who are learning about Canadian history in the classroom, will gain a better understanding of the contribution of Aboriginal veterans to this nation's wartime response.

Nisga'a History
A document summarizing the history of the Nisga'a of the Nass River valley in Northwest BC.

North: Landscape of the Imagination
The National Library has drawn on its collection of books, magazines, manuscripts and music to reveal the North of the artist. The collection...lends itself naturally to the retelling of one strand of northern history - the North as experienced and recreated through the imagination of its artist.Click the button above to browse through the entire site, or go directly to the historical resources below. Each of these resources has links to other relevant National Library historical documents.

Our Elders: Interviews with Saskatchewan Elders
Developers of this site hope to promote cultural awareness and provide younger generations with access to a history that may otherwise be inaccessible. This Website includes a searchable database of images and information provided in the interviews.

Stories, Folklore, and Fairy Tales Theme Page
This CLN Theme Page has links to a number of resources/lessons on First Nation legends.

Miawpukek Aknutmaqn
When the early European explorers arrived in our land, the (French) initially referred to our people as Sourquois and later as Mi'kmaq; we call ourself Inu (Human Being). Our nation consists of the areas now known as New Brunswick, Maine, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. For historical information, click on "history" and "historic photos."

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