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Floods Theme Page

Below are the CLN "Theme Pages" which supplement the study of floods. CLN's theme pages are collections of useful Internet educational resources within a narrow curricular topic and contain links to two types of information. Students and teachers will find curricular resources (information, content...) to help them learn about this topic. In addition, there are links to instructional materials (lesson plans) which will help teachers provide instruction in this theme.

Natural Disasters

Water Quality Theme Page

General Floods Resources

Here are a number of links to other Internet resources which contain information and/or other links related to floods. Please read our disclaimer.

Flood Hazard Management
The BC Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection provides various information about flooding in BC including: flood hazard management, floodplain mapping, emergency response (e.g., sandbag dike construction), picture images.

Dartmouth Flood Observatory
Dartmouth College in the US uses remote sensing technology as a tool for early detection, mapping, measurement, and analysis of world-wide extreme flood events. In addition to downloadable satellite images, there is a register of international large river flooding for the last several years in their site.

FEMA for Kids
The U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency has developed this site so that young students can learn about various disasters, what to do during and before them, and what causes them. The site also includes activities (games, quizzes, challenges), a library of resources (e.g., pictures), and resources for parents and teachers.

Flash Flood
Here's an interactive lesson for students in grades 3-10 about flash floods and other types of floods. Topics include identifying different types of floods, preparing for a flood, flood watches and warnings. A teacher's guide is included as are a student assignment and quiz.

This web site is a companion to a Nova program on the flooding of the upper Mississippi flood plain in 1993. Students can read how people dealt with the deluge and learn the benefits of a flood. A teacher's guide is available.

Floods: How Can Water be Powerful Enought to Move a House?
Newton's Apple, a public television production, provides student activities so that they can better understand floods and their control.

Floods: What To Do Before and After
Advice from the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation on the precautions one can take before a flood and what one can do afterwards to repair damages.

Flood Stories From Around the World
Story legends about floods organized by region of the world.

Just Doing My Job
In this site, grade 6-10 students can learn how satellite images were used to help flood evacuations during a 1993 US flood. In addition to the story, the site contains student activities and a teacher's guide. There is also a link to another NASA site in which students engage in activities to learn more about remote sensing technology.

Manitoba Flood Information
This is the Government of Manitoba's Flood web site. In addition to announcements about current potential flooding, it has information about the flood of 97 as well. Included are facts and figures of the flood, photographs, personal health and safety guidelines, guidelines for what to do when returning to flooded out residences, and advice on avoiding scams.

Red River Diary
The virtual diary of a free lance writer and photographer who chronicled the Red River flood of 1997 (North Dakota and Manitoba) while it was happening. Read their observations and view their pictures as they provided web coverage of the flood.

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