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Stories, Folklore, and Fairy Tales Theme Page

This CLN Theme Page has links to two types of resources related to the study of Stories, Folklore, and Fairy Tales. Students and teachers will find curricular resources (information, content...) to help them learn about this topic. In addition, there are also links to instructional materials (lesson plans) which will help teachers provide instruction in this theme. Please read our disclaimer.

Absolutely Whootie: Stories to Grow By
A collection of over 30 children's stories from around the world organized by type (Adventure, Animal Tales, Fairy Tales, Farmers & Villagers, Legends, Kings & Queens, Magical Creatures, and Riddles), or retrievable by target age, theme (e.g., honesty, kindness), continent, or country of origin.

Animals: Myths and Legends
About 30 tales about animals.

Ask Eric Story Telling Lesson Plans
This set of lessons on Story Telling focuses on grades K-4.

(The) Campfire Stories handbook
Included in this collection are Ghost Stories, Indian Legends and Tales of the Outdoors.

Christmas Stories
Over twenty Christmas stories.

Eldrbarry's Folk Tales
This site provides a selective listing of stories. He has included folk tales, First Nations legends and Bible stories.

Fairy Tale Sites Organized by Author

Fairy Tale Sites Organized by Region
 Basque  Korea
 British  Mayan
 China  Norway
 Guam  Romania
 Israel  Russia
 Japan  Scotland
 A metalist organized by regions

First Nation Stories and Legends

Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts
A vast collection of myths and legends from all parts of the world and relating numerous themes.

The Saskatchewan Department of Education hosts this sample primary level unit on folktales within its context as traditional literature. Contents include 11 lesson plans with instruction and assessment suggestions.

Grimms Fairy Tales at All Family Resources
This site from All Family Resources has a collection of over 200 of Grimm's Fairy Tales for you to read.

Harp Dreams
These stories all relate to the Harp and its music. Several of the stories are traditional fairy tales. Several stories are written in German.

Lesson Plan on Myths, Folktales and Legends
Some ideas, as well as links to Internet resources, for teaching junior and senior high school students about these forms of literature.

New Fairytales Online by Rosemary Lake
The fairy tales at this site have a princess as the main character. You can read about her in several different roles, everything from rescuing a prince to fighting a dragon.

Personality Creations Christmas - Christmas Stories
This site has 38 Christmas stories of love, faith and fairy tales. Some are fact while others are fiction.

Recalling History by Pulling Strings
In this Language Arts lesson plan, grade 6-12 students learn how puppets can be used to tell stories that preserve history and culture.

(The) Snow-Image, and Other Twice-Told Tales, 1852
These stories by Nathaniel Hawthorne were written around 1850.

Storytelling Activities and Lesson Ideas
A collection of twenty activities to support speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

Tall Tales As Belles Lettres
A collection of more than 25 traditional stories that have been adapted for telling by a Bluegrass Storyteller.

Tales of Wonder: Folk and Fairy Tales from around the World
Over 75 fairy/folk tales, organized by country or region of origin.

Teaching with Folklore
In this teacher-focused site, "folklore" is broken up into the categories of "fables", "legends", "myths", "tales" and "religious". In each category, the author has compiled links to sites that provide classroom activities, lesson plans, and cross curricular extensions in these areas. Lots of practical, valuable help for teachers.

TrackStar is an online interface which allows instructors to create lessons for students by sequencing existing instructional content in various web sites within a lesson. Students explore one topic at a particular location within one web site then move on to the next topic at another web site. The list of topics remains visible throughout the lesson so that students can remain on track. Explorations of the web sites beyond the designated instructional content are also possible.

This link is to their search page from where a keyword search using such words as "fairy tale", "folklore", "legend", or "storytelling" will produce numerous hits. Caution #1: Many of the web sites that these lessons access will already be on this CLN page - it's the creation of lesson objectives and the sequencing of the tours through the sites that make the lesson potentially useful to your students. Caution #2: The quality of the lessons (e.g., definining objectives, finding web sites, sequencing the tours) will vary widely within the TrackStar collection.

Unearthing the Past: Digging into Native American Legends
Students acts as anthropologists in obtaining information about the culture of Native Americans through the study of native folktales and history resources on the web. They then are challenged to decide how these stories contributed to ethnic culture and alleviated the hardships native people faced.

Zen Stories to Tell Your Neighbors
The collection of mostly Zen and Taoist tales are some of the oldest stories in human history and have withstood the test of time. Do people like them because they offer profound insight into human nature or because they are fun to read?

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