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Entrepreneurship Theme Page

This "Theme Page" has links to two types of resources related to the study of entrepreneurship. Students and teachers will find curricular resources (information, content...) to help them learn about this topic. In addition, there are also links to instructional materials (lesson plans) which will help teachers provide instruction in this theme. Please read our disclaimer.

Aboriginal Youth Business Council(AYBC)
This information sharing network was created for youth by youth and is designed to encourage First Nations youth entrepreneurship. It has resources and links to help you understand entrepreneurship, get started, develop your business plan, organize your financing and receive on-going support

Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs (ACE)
"ACE is an international non profit organization dedicated to servicing the needs of students interested in business ownership by providing them with the support, resources and education they need to start successful ventures."

Canada/British Columbia Business Service Centre
On-line business planning tools walk you through the steps of developing a business plan. Once it is complete, you download it to your computer. On-line small business workshops designed to help you develop your ideas are available. Also available are links to many resources such as: trades shows, associations, books magazines government regulations, statistical information and much more...

Canadian Youth Business Foundation
"A non-profit, private-sector initiative designed to provide mentoring, business support and lending to young Canadian entrepreneurs who are creating new businesses." The site has on-line learning, a forum, a place to post your business card and links to many resources to help you get started.

Centre For Entrepreneurship Education and Development (CEED)
CEED has developed entrepreneurship curriculum for grades primary to 12. A sample lesson plan is on-line and is scheduled to change periodically.

Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs
From the Business link, this Website includes a self evaluation of how you would rate as an entrepreneur, characteristics of successful entrepreneurs and self analysis questions. There is also information about starting up your own business.

A lesson plan designed for grade 10-12. This is an activity for groups consisting of 4 students. Each group is required to establish a profitable business and make a presentation to "City Council".

Entrepreneurs: Characteristics and Self-Analysis
This lesson is part of a school competition, yet it is very comprehensive as a stand alone lesson plan. Designed for grade 6-12 students, the objectives are for students to discover those characteristics that are common in entrepreneurs and then determine if they fit the profile. It comes complete with activity sheets and overheads.

How Can Entrepreneurs Control Costs?
A lesson plan in which students examine the difference between fixed and variable costs, make predictions and recommend actions for a hypothetical business.

I Don't Flip Burgers
In this thinkquest, students can play the role of a struggling entrepreneur, find out how to run their own business, and check out online and offline business tools.

Thanks A Bundle Foundation
Involve yourself in giving. Join an organization and give back to the community. This link is to a foundationi that promotes giving through the use of delivering newspapers. There are many more to explore by doing a web search.

Lemonade Stand
A game which teaches how supply and demand affect business. The student's job is to run a lemonade stand and their business decisions affect the lemonade stand's profitability.

Student Business Loans
Are you a student in Canada who is planning on working for yourself during the summer months? Do you need money for a venture? The Business Development Bank of Canada in partnership with Human Resource Development Canada has a program in place to provide interest-free loans up to $3000 to students. The financing can be used for start-up and operating costs.

Western Youth Entrepreneur Program (WYEP)
A Canadian federal government program to help young people in the western provinces who have the entrepreneurial spirit. It is a $15 million package providing business loans and services to young people.

Women's Enterprise Initiative
Funded through a contribution from Western Economic Diversification Canada, the Women's Enterprise Initiative provides business information and services specifically aimed at women entrepreneurs.

Youth Business & Entrepreneurship Training
"You Bet! You can be the boss." British Columbia government has established a business and entrepreneur training program offered through a series of workshops in locations across the province. The five workshops include turning an idea into a business opportunity, developing a business plan, exploring co-operative business opportunities and conducting market research.

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