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Current Events Theme Page

This "Theme Page" has links to two types of resources related to the study of current events. Students and teachers will find curricular resources (information, content...) to help them learn about this topic. In addition, there are also links to instructional materials (lesson plans) which will help teachers provide instruction in this theme. Please read our disclaimer.

Academy Curricular Exchange: Social Studies

Brief descriptions of lessons in current events.

AskERIC Lesson Plans - Current Events
About a dozen lesson plans which cover grades 4-12. News Café
Search this Southam Inc. site for Canadian (or International) news stories up to one week old (or as brief as 6 hours old) by keyword(s). Or, browse through over 20 Canadian newspapers.

Canadian Online Explorer (CANOE)
CANOE has links to such Canadian magazines as Macleans, Chatelaine, Financial Post, and others from the Toronto Sun Publishing Corporation. Major Canadian stories are also highlighted daily.

CBC Newsworld
In addition to links to current news stories, the CBC provides information on all of their news programming and personalities. Check out their "newslink" section for instructional materials. Included are a set of student discussion questions and activities, links to information on the story/topic at other web sites, and a sample teacher lesson plan. There is also a searchable archive of each day's stories and activities.

CNN Newsroom Daily Classroom Guide
CNN NEWSROOM/CNN NEWSROOM WorldView is a free, 30-minute block of commercial-free news and features programming accompanied by a Daily Classroom Guide, developed especially for school use.

Ecola Directories: Newsstand:Newspapers
A meta-list of links to newspapers around the world - organized by continent and by country. There is also a search engine for a particular publication name.

Encarta Lesson Collection: Social Studies
Select "Social Studies" on their Lesson Collection Page and then "Current Events/Issues" to find over a dozen lesson plans. provides students with a search engine to a large and diverse set of electronic magazines.

[The] Globe and Mail
The Globe and Mail provides a forum for the discussion of national issues as well as a link to daily news.

Journalism Theme Page
This CLN Theme Page has links to curricular and instructional materials resources for Journalism students and teachers.

My Virtual Newspaper
In addition to a news search engine, this site provides links to over 500 online newspapers which can be accessed by country/region. There are over 100 Canadian newspapers listed as well.

News Centre
This site provides links to news media around the world as well as links to reference resources on the web.

News Resource
An extensive meta-list of links to resources to news from various media (radio, tv, newspaper) organized by continent, then by country, then by province (for example).

New York Times Learning Network: Current Events
Each day, the New York Times produces a lesson plan to help teachers introduce students to one of the newspaper's main articles. This link is to their archive of lesson plans that support articles that could be considered "current events."

Online Newshour
PBS and MacNeil/Lehrer Productions have created a news page with frequent updates of the daily news, forums for the discussion of current events, and essays. The archives are browsable by topic or searchable by key word.

Online Newspapers
A meta-list of links to newspapers around the world - organized alphabetically by country.

Teaching Current Events via Newspapers, Magazines and TV
Here are links to 9 different sources of lesson plans for teaching current events.

The Internet Public Library
A meta-list of links to newspapers around the world - organized alphabetically by country or by continent.

Total News
A news search engine.

Twenty Five Great Ideas for Teaching Current Events
From Education World, this article has 25 activities designed to help teachers use newspapers in the classroom to help students make sense of the news.

Ultimate Collection of Newslinks
A meta list with over 10,000 links to online newspapers and magazines. Choose by country or search by type. Canadian newspapers are well represented (over 300) and organized by province.

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Note: The sites listed above will serve as a source of curricular content in Current Events. For other resources in Social Studies (e.g., curricular content, lesson plans, and theme pages), click the "previous screen" button below. Or, click here if you wish to return directly to the CLN menu which will give you access to educational resources in all of our subjects.

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