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Careers in Health and Medicine Theme Page

Here are a number of links to Internet sites which contain information and/or other links related to the specific theme of Careers in Health and Medicine.Please read our disclaimer.

1998-99 Occupational Outlook Handbook: Professional and Technical Occupations

While the Occupational Outlook Handbook information is compiled by the U.S. Department of Labor and is specific to the United States, much is generalizable to Canada. Scroll down this page to find links to about 25 health related career profiles.

California Occupational Guides
The California Occupational Guides is a series of about 300 information sheets covering individual occupations or groups of related occupations. They provide information about job duties, working conditions, employment outlook, wages, benefits, entrance requirements, and training. The above button links to an alphabetical search engine, or you can get faster access into their medical occupations by going to their Occupational Guides By Interest Area and scrolling down to Interest Area 13.

Exploring Occupations
Occupational information provided by the Counselling Service of the University of Manitoba. Check out their links to chiropractic, dentistry, medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, and pyschology.

Healthcare Career Resource Centre
For students interested in entering a health care field, this ThinkQuest 98 award winning site provides information in the following topics: the history of medical careers; medical career responsibilities, skills, environment, and salaries; and education requirements.

Healthcare Salaries Survey
A metalist of links to salary information in health care professions compiled by Job Smart.

Health Related Careers
Descriptions of about 40 career opportunities in the health sciences, including a description of the job, salary information, and training necessary for this career

Specific Health Related Fields
The following links are to web resources dedicated to a specific health related field. Be sure to check out the "general" resources listed above as well.

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