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Careers in the Arts Theme Page

Here are a number of links to Internet sites that contain information and/or other links related to the specific theme of Careers in the Arts.Please read our disclaimer.

Art History
A profile of careers in Art History from Rutgers University, including types of employers, skills, and types of jobs.

Career Alternatives for Art Historian
Compilation of about 20 alternative career profiles suitable for Art Historians.

Careers in the Arts
Brief outlines of over 50 jobs related to work in the arts.

Producers, Directors, Choreographers and Related Occupations
This site from the University of Manitoba provides links for students thinking about a career in the Motion Picture and New Media Industries.

National Association for Music Education (MENC)
  • [A] Career Guide to Music Education Learn what it will take to become a K-12 music teacher. Sections of this online guide include: Starting Your Job Search; Locating Job Openings; Résumés, Cover Letters, and Application Forms; Interviewing; and Graduate School.
  • Careers in Music Learn about various careers in music, including Music Teacher, Music Therapist, Performer, Church/Temple Musician, Composer/Conductor , Music Industry, TV/Radio Industry, and Music Librarian

Occupational Outlook Handbook
There are lots of data on jobs at this site. For example, students can look up specific jobs and find out the nature of the work, working conditions, employment data, job outlook, and much more. Although this is a US Government resource, there is still lots there that would be applicable for Canadian students. This particular link is to their section on "Professional Specialty Occupations. Here students can get information on Visual Arts Occupations (Designers, Photographers and Camera Operators, Visual artists) and Performing Arts Occupations (Actors, Directors, and Producers, Dancers and Choreographers, Musicians).

Work Futures
This link from WorkInfoNet profiles occupations in Art, Culture, Recreation, and Sports.

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