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Canadian Military History Theme Page

This "Theme Page" has links to resources related to the study of Canadian Military History. Please read our disclaimer.

Canadian Air Aces and Heroes

Detailed biographies of a dozen air heroes from WW1, WW2 and the Korean wars. The site also has links to similar web sites.

Canadian Military Heritage Project
A very comprehensive and detailed site. The content is organized chronologically in the following sections: French-Indian Wars, American Revolution, War of 1812, Rebellion of 1837, Fenian Raids, Red River Rebellion, Nile Expedition, North West Rebellion, South African War (Boer War), WWI, Siberian Expeditionary Force, Spanish Civil War, WWII, Korean War, Gulf War and Peacekeeping Missions. Each section has a list of the significant conflicts/battles with links to futher information on the battle. That information may consist of historical background for each conflict, chronological timelines, statistics, battles, weaponry, uniforms & equipment, famous Canadians, biographies of soldiers, heroes and their stories, contributions of women, other countries who participated, muster rolls for conflicts before 1900, letters home (from soldiers at the front), music and poetry, guest authors' submissions, links to other online resources, and Research Libraries.

Canada's Armed Forces
Each of the three services within the Canadian Armed Forces has a section of its web site dedicated to its history
  • Air Force History Descriptions of the Air Force's history from its Origins through World War I, the Interwar Years, WW II, and the Modern Era.
  • Army History Click on "organization" and then "chronology" for a history of the Army from the American Revolution through to the Post Cold War era. Or, click on "missions" to get information on more recent NATO, international, UN, and domestic missions.
  • Navy History A series of articles documenting the Navy's history.

Canadian Veterans Recollect
Industry Canada developed this site to pay tribute to WW 1 veterans. Students with RealAudio can listen to interviews with vets (print transcript also available). There's also a descriptive summary of the war complete with pictures.

Canadian War Museum
The museum has a number of permanent and temporary exhibits (see 'Exhibitions') . See also their 'Online Resources' for a collection of links to external web sites on Canadian military and naval history. Check the New Canadian War Museum:

Courage Remembered: The World Wars through Canadian Eyes
This site, also funded by Industry Canada, "presents the role Canadian soldiers played in the wars of 1914-1918 and 1939-1945, as shown through personal memoirs, photography, art work by Canadian war artists and the documented exploits of Canadian George Cross andVictoria Cross recipients. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission's work, honouring the memory of Canadian soldiers who died in these wars, is shown through a sampling of the major war memorials dedicated to Canadians and cemeteries in which Canadians are buried around the world."

Royal Canadian Navy
This online exhibit from the Maritime Museum of British Columbia describes the history of the RCN from its establishment to unification with the other services.

Soldier 214384, France and Flanders
Tom Arnott researched the WW 1 career of his grandfather, "Red" Arnott who fought in France and Belgium with the 2nd Canadian Infantry Battalion. This series of articles provides a historical description of Canada in the war, the battalion, as well as the war stories of his grandfather.

Veterans Affairs Canada: Youth Site
Here's another very detailed site. Look under "History" for descriptions of battles/campaigns, diaries and letters, and interviews with vets from WW1, WW2, and the Korean war. The "Records and Collections" section has information about Canada's medals and decorations, Remembrance Day posters, digital war art, and students can listen to songs that were popular during the First World War. Other multimedia resources are available as well.

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