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Curricular Resources in Writing

Below are the CLN "Theme Pages" which support the study of Writing. CLN's theme pages are collections of useful Internet educational resources within a narrow curricular topic and contain links to two types of information. Students and teachers will find curricular resources (information, content...) to help them learn about this topic. In addition, there are links to instructional materials (lesson plans) which will help teachers provide instruction in this theme.

Clip Art Theme Page
For writers looking to add images to their electronic creations, this CLN theme page has links to a variety of clip art collections.

English Grammar and Style Theme Page

Journalism Theme Page

Pictures Theme Page
A set of links to web sites that have their own searchable collections of pictures, offer a search engine for finding pictures, or provide a metalist of links to photographs of a particular type.

Plagiarism Theme Page

Publish Your Creative Works On-Line Theme Page

Spelling Theme Page

General Writing Resources

Here are a number of links to other Internet resources which contain information and/or other links related to Writing. Please read our disclaimer.

CLN's Collection of Reference Materials
Click this button to go to the CLN page which contains links to various Reference Materials, including on-line dictionaries, thesauri, and factbooks.

Ask an Expert: Writing
CLN's "Ask an Expert" page has about 100 links to specialists in the field who can serve as a valuable source of curricular expertise for both students and teachers. Questions/answers on Writing may be found in our "All Subjects" section at the top of the page, the "English/Language Arts" section, as well as the general "Reference" section.

Basic Prose Style and Mechanics
An on-line pamphlet describing twelve basic principles of good prose style with examples.

Devry Online Writing Support Center
Learn how the Internet can enrich your writing. There are also resources which can introduce and refine skills in expository writing, research and argumentation.

Garbl's Writing Resources Online
A metalist of links to resources on the web about writing. Categories include: Grammar, Style and Usage, Plain Writing, Words, Reference Sources, Writing Experts, Active Writing, Word Play, Writing Bookshelf and Favorite Writers.

Inkspot: The Writer's Resource
This meta-list can help you improve your writing style, master grammar, and increase your writing's publishing potential. Some of the "writers' resources" include style guides and on-line writing labs.

Paradigm Online Writing Assistant
This site gives advice to students on such topics as discovering what to write, organizing your writing, revising your writing, editing your writing, writing informal essays, etc. Included with the advice are suggested learning activities.

Principles of Composition
An entire Web site for writers in English composition courses featuring handouts on Getting Started, Structure, Tone, Transitions, Editing, Logic, Formats, Rhetorical Patterns, Argumentative Essays, Research Papers, and more - accompanied by an abundance of successful sample essays.

Purdue University On-line Writing Lab
A WWW site that consists of writing resources - reference materials on format (MLA, APA) and grammar, as well as links to other writing labs on the Internet.

Resources for Writers and Writing Instructors
A meta-list of about 100 links to writing-related resources.

TrackStar is an online interface which allows instructors to create lessons for students by sequencing existing instructional content in various web sites within a lesson. Students explore one topic at a particular location within one web site then move on to the next topic at another web site. The list of topics remains visible throughout the lesson so that students can remain on track. Explorations of the web sites beyond the designated instructional content are also possible.

This link is to their search page from where a keyword search on "writing" will produce numerous hits. Caution #1: Many of the web sites that these lessons access may already be on this CLN page - it's the creation of lesson objectives and the sequencing of the tours through the sites that make the lesson potentially useful to your students. Caution #2: The quality of the lessons (e.g., definining objectives, finding web sites, sequencing the tours) will vary widely within the TrackStar collection.

[The] University of Victoria Writer's Guide
The English Department of the University of Victoria has prepared this guide as an introduction to the process of writing. Chapter selections allow students to learn more about the writing process for essays, paragraphs, sentences, word selection, grammar, and more.

Writing Center
Although this site from Purdue University is intended for post secondary students, there's a lot of practical advice that would be suitable for younger students. The major sections of the site include: General Writing Concerns, Writing Research Papers & Citing Sources, Writing in the Job Search, Parts of Speech, Sentence Construction, Punctuation, and Spelling. Each section has numerous subtopics.

Writing the Five Paragraph Essay
This document explains the five paragraph essay in detail. The author also has a similar document on Writing Introductory Paragraphs which gives five ways to grab a reader's attention.

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