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Curricular Resources in Poetry

Below are the CLN "Theme Pages" which may the support the study of poetry. CLN's theme pages are collections of useful Internet educational resources within a narrow curricular topic and contain links to two types of information. Students and teachers will find curricular resources (information, content...) to help them learn about this topic. In addition, there are links to instructional materials (lesson plans) which will help teachers provide instruction in this theme.

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General Poetry Resources

Here are a number of links to other Internet resources which contain information and/or other links related to Poetry. Please read our disclaimer.

CLN's Collection of Reference Materials
Click this button to go to the CLN page which contains links to various Reference Materials, including on-line dictionaries, thesauri, and factbooks.

American Verse Project
A browsable and searchable electronic archive of volumes of American poetry prior to 1920.

Atlantic Unbound: Poetry Pages
This site, the Atlantic Monthly's Poetry Pages, is "a multimedia feature devoted to poets and poetry, both classic and contemporary. This area is updated regularly, with new readings by poets featured in each issue of the magazine, as well as poetry and essays from The Atlantic's archive."

British Poetry 1780-1910: An Archive of Scholarly Electronic Editions
An electronic library of scholarly editions of books of poetry produced between 1780-1910.

Canadian Poets
This University of Toronto site profiles over 50 contemporary Canadian poets under the following headings: Biography, Poems, Writing Philosophy, Published Works and Other Information. They also have a section for 19th century poets but the information does not follow the same format.

Classroom Poetry Pages
Collections of poems appropriate for elementary and middle school students. There's at least one collection for each month in the school year and most have a holiday theme that's appropriate for that month.

Electronic Poetry Center
The homepage's introductory paragraph describes this center "as a central gateway to resources in electronic poetry and poetics produced here at the University at Buffalo and elsewhere on the Internet."

Glossary of Poetic Terms
This glossary contains definitions, examples, pronunciations, cross references, and hyper-linked references of poetic terms.

[An] Index of Poets in Representative Poetry On-line
The Department of English at the University of Toronto has links to English poems from over 200 poets (1912 to the present) that critics, teachers, and students have thought unusually good. Also included are bibliographic sources for all poems. Information is accessible through several types of indexes, including: by poet, by title, by first line, by date, and by keyword. Poetry Criticism in Prose and Poetry Criticism in Verse are also indexed.

Learn New Poetry Forms
Information about Ghazal, Haiku, Renga, Sijo, and Tanka poetic forms.

Poetry Daily
If you wish to sample the range of new poetry, this online anthology offers a new poem every day, plus an archive of their selections, from more than 50 poetry book and journal publishers.

Riddle-Poems and How to Make Them
Riddle-Poems are "an amusing game for children and adults, a connection to history, and a way to approach poetry that avoids the conceit and self-indulgence that lays waste to so much of it."

Sonnet Central
This site hosts an archive of English-language sonnets, commentary, pictures, and relevant web links. Sonnets are organized by origin - Britain (futher accessible by period), Ireland, America, and Australia/New Zealand but they're also alphabetized by author and there's a search engine as well. Also, included in the site are excerpts of critical essays and a reading room where sound files can be downloaded.

A meta-list of links to poetry pages on the net.

Twentieth Century Poetry in English
Pages or links to pages on over 150 contemporary poets.

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