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Curricular Resources in Nutrition

Below are the CLN "Theme Pages" which focus on specific topics within Nutrition. CLN's theme pages are collections of useful Internet educational resources within a narrow curricular topic and contain links to two types of information. Students and teachers will find curricular resources (information, content...) to help them learn about this topic. In addition, there are links to instructional materials (lesson plans) which will help teachers provide instruction in this theme.

Digestive System Theme Page

Eating Disorders Theme Page

General Nutrition Resources

Here are a number of links to other Internet resources which contain information and/or other links related to Nutrition. Please read our disclaimer.

All Foods Can Fit
The American Dietetic Association presents information about what constitutes a healthy diet. They give examples of how moderation can effect food choices and profiles of individuals who have changed their food choices. Also, this site offers a quiz to test nutrition knowledge.

Ask an Expert: Nutrition
CLN's "Ask an Expert" page has about 100 links to specialists in the field who can serve as a valuable source of curricular expertise for both students and teachers. Questions/answers on Nutrition may be found in our "All Subjects" section at the top of the page, the "Fitness/Health/Medicine" section, as well as the general "Reference" section.

[The] Balance Beam
The Balance Beam is a health newsletter published weekly for students at Stanford University. Each week it focuses on a different health issue. Topics on the home page include assertiveness, depression, dieting, eating disorders, exercise and nutrition.

Body Tune Up
In this webquest activity, intermediate students conduct web research to find out how to make a healthier body. Their research is done from one of four perspectives, depending on the expert role they have assumed: food, exercise, hygiene, and safety. Starting points for the research are provided.

Chia Seeds Nutrition
Chia seeds are an incredible source of nutrition. This site is all about the nutritional benefits of Chia seeds and how to include them in our daily diet.

CSPI Nutrition Quizzes
This page has three quizzes to test your knowledge. The first quiz is a question and answer type of quiz about olestra. The second quiz is on-line and tests your knowledge of fat content in our diet. Also on-line, the third quiz allows you to rate how healthy your diet is.

Hosted by a registered dietitian, CyberDiet is an online journal about nutrition. Features include nutritional profiles, food facts, menus and meal plans, recipe index, exercise and guest speakers. Back issues can be found in the archives.

Diet & Nutrition Resource Center Quizzes
Mayo Clinic Resource Center has more than 5 quizzes about the the foods you eat. The quizzes will check what you know about calculating calories, fast foods, fat, alcohol and salt with these on-line quizzes.

Dole - 5 A Day Homepage
Supported by Dole, this site offers several informative links. The Nutrition Center allows you to look up any vegetable or fruit and find out the nutritional facts about it. Cool Stuff gives you some cool ideas about different fruits and veggies, ideas you may never have thought about before. At the School, there are articles about how some teachers have integrated this information into their classroom.

Food Finder
An interactive site in which students can find information (e.g., calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium) about fast foods. There's also an online booklet providing the same type of information but in non-interactive format.

Food Safety and Nutrition
A wide selection of informational articles on the following topics: Adult Nutritional Health, Child/Adolescent Nutritional Health, Lifestyle Choices and Physical Activity, Food Labeling, Functional Foods, Fats and Fat Replacers, Sweeteners, Food Additives, Food Safety and Foodborne Illness, Food Allergy/Asthma, Agriculture and Food Production, Pesticides, Food Biotechnology, International Food Regulation, and Additional Resources.

Information about Nutrition
Information from the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition of the US Food and Drug Administration including a guide to fats, healthful snacks, nutrition and labeling of candy, vegetarian diets, and more.

Internet Resources: Food and Nutrition
This page is a meta-list of links to nutrition resources found on the Web. Included are Universities and Research Establishments, food safety, food regulations, and also mailing lists devoted to food and nutrition.

Kids Food Cyber Club
Designed to teach third-grade to fifth-grade students about food, nutrition and health, the site includes "mini-lessons" on different aspects of nutrition such as the Food Pyramid, serving size and hunger. The teachers' area contains a downloadable Teachers' Guide containing lesson plans for all of the Kids' units, and complementary, in-class activities and worksheets. Staying Healthy
A collection of articles, written for kids, describing a number of health issues. The articles are categorized under: Being Good to Your Body; Fabulous Food; Keeping Fit and Having Fun; and, KidsHealth Recipes for Kids.

National Institute of Nutrition: For and About Consumers
Canada's National Institute of Nutrition provides a wide range of choices on how to avoid eating fats and to eat foods that are healthy. After reading some of their suggestions, you can test your knowledge by trying their quiz.

Nutrition and Food on the Web: Finding the Right Stuff
The British Columbia (SFU) site is an extensive meta-list of links to educational resources related to food and nutrition.

Nutrition Cafe
Three interactive games to play and examine your knowledge of the nutritional value of different foods.

Nutrition in the Garden
The premise of this web page is that a fun way to teach children about nutrition is through gardening. In addition to basic facts about nutrition therefore, the developers have provided resources for teachers interested in including gardening within the school curriculum.

Seven booklets published by Health Canada are available on-line. The information focuses on using Canada's food guide, background facts for Educators, and nutrition and the preschooler. Also included is "Vitality", Canada Health's integrated approach that promotes healthy eating, active living and positive self and body image.

Welcome to the Food Pyramid Guide
A graphic illustration of the the food pyramid. Each food category is linked to a page with further information about it.

Welcome to our Virtual Kitchen!
An interactive site, supported by Dietitians of Canada, encouraging you to click on a section of the kitchen in order to find the nutritional value of the different foods stored in that part of the kitchen. Requires a frames and Javascript capable browser.

What Are Chia Seeds?
Chia seeds have been consumed by the Aztecs and Amazon people for hundreds of years. These superseeds have enormous nutritional value. Visit our site to see the health benefits of this tiny seed.

You Are What You Eat
This ThinkQuest 97 winner is a guide to nutrition. Its contents include: a food database along with food counter and food planner tools; an introduction to why nutrition is important; information on food labels, eating out, value of diets and starting an exercise program; and, profiles of vitamins and minerals.

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