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Instructional Materials in Music

The WWW sites linked to from this page provide practical assistance for Music teachers wanting to use the Internet as part of their classroom planning/instruction. Please read our disclaimer.

[The] Affects of Music on Your Life
This two week interdisciplinary teaching unit for Grade 9 students contains math, science, and social studies lesson plans intended to help students answer the questions: "1) Does music influence how society behaves or does society influence the music of the time? 2) Can we develop a way to measure and analyze the affects of music? 3) In what ways does music affect the people in my world? egs. hearing, physical effects, psychological, etc. 4) How do differing types of music affect my feelings, actions, and behavior? 5) Can we analyze and relate music to the characteristics of sound? "

Arts in Education
Activities to help teachers introduce music to students in a fun way.
  • Body Music Activities using bodily sound effects.
  • Boom Pipes How to make musical instruments from drain pipes and caps.
  • Trash Orchestra Learn how recycled trash can be used to create the unique sounds of a Trash Orchestra.

Arts Partnership for Education (APE): Teacher's Guide
"APE" is a Florida-based organization offering lesson plans on popular ballets, operas, symphonies, and visual art. While these were initially designed for students who could attend these events, most are adapatable.

AskERIC Lesson Plans - Arts:Music
About 10 lesson plans covering various grade ranges in K-12.

Bulletin Boards for the Music Classroom
A site dedicated solely to helping music teachers develop interesting and stimulating bulletin boards. Suggestions are organized in the following headings: Bulletin Boards that Brag on Your Students; Bulletin Boards that Teach; Seasonal Bulletin Boards; Captions and Headline Ideas for Your Bulletin Boards; and Borders and Backgrounds for your Bulletin Boards.

Cardboard Cognition
A collection of card and board games organized by subject and grade levels (K-College).

Elementary General Music Teaching and Learning Center
Developed by The Crane School of Music at the State University of New York, this site provide useful information on teaching and learning general music in the elementary school. Check out the lesson plans in the "Classroom", pedagogical information in "Curriculum", or research articles in "Research".

Fan(tom) of the Opera
In this two day lesson plan, grade 6-12 students use a NY Times article as a starting point to "explore the ways in which the worlds of popular music and opera can work together to complement the other. Students work in small groups to analyze the plot, characters, setting and themes of a popular opera using a summary of that opera as a guide. Students then rewrite what they consider to be the opera's pivotal scene, placing the scene in a modern setting. Finally, students view and evaluate a filmed version of the opera, assessing how the various story elements of the opera are affected by being performed in the opera genre."

Georgia College EduNet Music Lesson Plans
About half a dozen lessons (at the time of viewing) in Music.

Instrumental Music Resource Page: Links to Teaching Tools
Tips for teachers, for example in resolving commn performance problems with young jazz bands and teaching various instruments.

Integrated Resource Packages (IRPs)
These Integrated Resource Packages (IRPs) provide some of the basic information that teachers will require to implement the BC Ministry of Education music curricula in K-12.

Learning Space (LS) Music: WWW Research Lessons
One of the ways to integrate the Internet into your classroom is by using it as a source of current curricular information. Having students conduct research on the WWW is an effective and relevant learning activity but teachers may feel at a loss as to what kind of questions students should be given to research. This site contains several examples of music research questions (organized by grade levels) which pose motivating, genuine problems or open-ended real life problems whose solutions and answers are not easily found. In addition, there is a step-by-step guide to creating your own research questions.

Lesson Plans for Technology
This site has a database of over 200 technology-based lesson plans developed by Florida educators. Known as T'NT (Technology 'Nformation for Teachers), the site can be searched by grade level, subject, or key word. Lessons allow subject area teachers to incorporate technology within business, computing, fine arts, guidance/health (including safety), language arts, math, science, and social studies subject areas.

MENC Online Publications and Guides
MENC's (Music Educator's National Conference) online publications for teachers include reports on standards, curriculum and scheduling, staffing, materials and equipment, facilities, and student expectations. There are also a variety of teacher curriculum guides.

Music Appreciation
This thematic unit for primary students suggests activities as well as resources (including web sites) that can be used to help students learn more about music.

Music Education Lesson Plans
Lesson plans are organized by grade level (elementary, middle, high school), band/orchestra, voice/chorus, and cross curricular. Most of the lessons are at this specific site but there are also links to lessons hosted at other web sites.

Music Inventions
In this six week teaching unit, intermediate students learn about sound, examine simple musical instruments, and then are challenged to create their own unique musical instrument.

MusicKit: The Virtual Music Classroom
Lesson plans, music teaching strategies, songs and games for kids, and music listening selections.

Music Lesson Plans
This link will take you directly to a sub-list of links to about 30 music lesson plans. The sector is part of a larger list called "The Lesson Plans Page." The lessons aren't particularly well described so you may waste some time exploring and the ads can be a nuisance; however the quantity of direct links to actual lesson plans is probably worth it.

MusicTech News
MusicTech News is an online magazine designed to help teachers incorporate music technology into the curriculum. There are news items, feature articles, software reviews, and technology related columns (all stored in archives too). Or, you can browse through the archives by one of the following topics: accompaniment, digital audio, music education, music technology, notation, sequencing, or utilities.

Music: The Experience of a Life Time
An experiential, year-long unit for grade 1 students which draws from their world of rhymes, songs and games. Activities include movement, speech, singing, and instruments.

Music, The Universal Language
This site has information on the Kodaly method and music games for the classroom.

New York Times Daily Lesson Plan Archives: Fine Arts
Each day, the NY Times develops a lesson plan keyed to one or more of the stories in the newspaper. This link is to the fine arts section of the lesson plan archives. You'll have to search through the collection for the lessons in music, for example "Sounds of Science" (gr. 6-12) and "Music Theories" (Gr. 6-12). In addition to the link to the NY Times article(s), the plans generally also identify web resources which support the lesson.

Pentatonic Music Collection
This collection consists of songs and compositions in which the notes of the melody are confined to do, re, mi, so, and la making them suitable for less able or younger students. Songs are categorized for easier access. There are also teaching ideas and activities.

Piano on the Net
Beginner, intermediate and advanced piano lessons. Note: Most of the lessons require that your System Software be able to support QuickTime* in order to take full advantage of the lessons.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum: Lesson Plans
Over a dozen lesson plans in which Rock and Roll serves as a theme within an interdisciplinary context.

Songs for Children Theme Page
This CLN Theme Page has links to Internet sources of Songs for Children. At these sites, you'll find the lyrics to songs that are popular with children. In some cases, there will also be downloadable sound files and occasionally you'll also have access to the musical score. Search engines which allow you to find songs by artist or by key word are also common.

Sound Theme Page
This CLN Theme Page is primarily intended for science students, however it has several resources which use the study of music in conjunction with the study of sound. These sites have plenty of student activities for the teacher looking for demonstrations or practical work.

Stafford's Music Madness Site
Monthly tips, ideas and suggestions for teaching music (plus an archive of previous contributions).

Teachers Helping Teachers: The Arts
The Teachers Helping Teachers web site is a collection of lesson plans submitted by practicing teachers. This file contains music as well as art lessons.

Teaching Ideas for Primary Teachers
Looking for ideas, activities or worksheets for elementary students? You'll find a wide variety at this site - organized under the subject headings of English, Science, Design and Technology (D&T), Geography, Music, Religious Education (RE), Maths, Information and Commuication Technology (ICT), History, Art, and PE. Some subjects are broken down further, for example English has three sections for Reading, Writing, and Speaking & Listening. You'll also find a feature titled "Time-Fillers". This is a collection of short activities which can be used within a number of subject areas to fill a few spare moments during the day.

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