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Curricular Resources in Canadian Law

Here are a number of links to Internet sites which contain information and/or other links related to Law. Please read our disclaimer.
Access to Justice Network (ACJNet)
This WWW site contains publications, databases, and discussion forums on Canadian justice and legal issues. For example, more than 300 electronic publications are organized under 70+ topics but they are also searchable. There's an open discussion forum where students could ask ACJNet staff questions on law and justice and, as well, a database of law/justice libraries. Note that ACJNet shares some of the same resources with "The Law Room" from Canada's SchoolNet which we link to below. However, they also have unique resources which warrant a visit but we recommend you look through the SchoolNet site first since their K-12 resources are more easily accessed.

British Columbia Superior Courts
Available within this web site are "reasons for judgement" for cases heard by the BC Superior Courts.

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
The aim of this guide from the Department of Canadian Heritage is to increase understanding of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and to heighten awareness of its importance in our daily lives.

Canadian Legal FAQs
Developed by the Legal Studies Program, University of Alberta, this site organizes its FAQs by topic as well as by jurisdictions (either Alberta or National).

[The] Canadian Legal Information Centre
Articles about Canadian law, written in plain language by lawyers, are available at this site. In addition, there's a legal dictionary, the history of Canadian law, a directory of Canadian legal organizations, and information on Canadian court decisions and legislation.

Canadian Legal Resources
A meta-list of links to Canadian legal resources from Alan Gahtan.

Canadian Legal Resources on the Internet
And... another meta-list of links - this one maintained by Peter Sim.

Constitutional Documents
Constituties, Mexico and Japan are available here.

Electronic Law Library
This service of the Legal Services Society of BC provides links to laws, bylaws, regulations, and/or legislative proceedings of Canada, BC, BC Municipalities, and other Provinces.

First Nations Treaties, Law, and Land Claims Theme Page
This CLN "Theme Page" has links to curricular resources (information, content...) to help students/teachers learn about this topic.

[The] Great Young Offenders Act Debate
Developed by an Ontario lawyer, this site allows students to read Bill C-68, debate its merits online, read previous debates, and read further information/cases.

[The] Law Connection
Sponsored by the Law Foundation of BC, Simon Fraser University, and Open Learning Agency, this website provides BC teachers and students with law-related lesson plans, legal resources for research projects and a guide to community services. There is also a forum for asking law related questions and a page of links to information on Careers in Law.

[The] Law Room
This SchoolNet site has online projects for students, places where students can talk to other students about law-related issues, access to law experts, and law FAQs. Elsewhere in the site, there's an extensive set of links for students interested in pursuing Careers in Law. We've provided a direct link because the page is not readily visible and it's too good a resource to be missed.

Parliamentary Internet
Information on the Canadian Parliament from the Senate, House of Commons and Library of Parliament.

Supreme Court of Canada
Access to the latest judgements from the Supreme Court as well as to those dating back to 1989. There's also a search engine.

Virtual Canadian Law Library
A meta-list of links to Canadian legal resources organized by type or source as well as by subject.

WWW Virtual Library: LAW
This meta-list has information and links to other law-related sites.

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