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Instructional Materials in English/Language Arts

Below are the CLN "Theme Pages" which focus on specific topics within English/Lanaguage Arts. CLN's theme pages are collections of useful Internet educational resources within a narrow curricular topic and contain links to two types of information. Students and teachers will find curricular resources (information, content...) to help them learn about this topic. In addition, there are links to instructional materials (lesson plans) which will help teachers provide instruction in this theme.

Celebrating Women Theme Page

English Grammar and Style Theme Page

Journalism Theme Page

Macbeth Theme Page

Pirates, Privateers, and Buccaneers Theme Page
This theme page may be useful for students and teachers studying "Treasure Island" or other literature works of the Age of Exploration.

Plagiarism Theme Page

Puppetry Theme Page

SpellingTheme Page

Romeo & Juliet Theme Page

Shakespeare Theme Page

Stories, Folklore, and Fairy Tales Theme Page

General English/Language Arts Resources

Here are a number of links to other Internet resources which contain information and/or other links related to English/Language Arts. Please read our disclaimer.

21st Century Schoolhouse
The above link is to the Schoolhouse's Lesson Plans Master Index which contains teacher resources organized under such headings as Cross Age Tutoring, Multiple Intelligences, Cooperative Learning, and Software Integrated Lesson Plans. Interspersed within all of these sections are language art activities and you may wish to browse through the master index. However, in many cases, each 'lesson plan' is just a brief description of an activity or an idea and is not a fully developed lesson plan. The section on Cooperative Learning however contains collections of ideas for group activities and browsing through these sections may be more worthwhile. Direct links to them have been provided below for your convenience.

Academy Curricular Exchange: Language Arts
Language Arts mini lesson plans from Academy One/Columbia Education Center.

Activity Search: Language Arts
Houghton Mifflin's Education Place Activity Search gives teachers access to a wide number of K-12 traditional (i.e., not Internet) activities. It is possible to search for activities by curriculum areas and/or grade levels, or browse the activities by themes.

Apply: Technical and Professional Communications 12
"Technical and Professional Communications 12" is a BC curriculum which integrates theoretical knowledge with familiar, real-world applications. It is based on the premise that if course content is relevant, participatory, and concrete, then students will learn better, retain more and apply it in their own lives. This web page, from the Centre for Applied Academics, has over a dozen lesson ideas/plans which support the curriculum.

AskERIC Lesson Plans - Language Arts
Numerous lesson plans in Debate, Handwriting, Journalism, Listening, Literature, Reading, Spelling, StoryTelling, Vocabulary, Whole Language, and Writing Composition covering various grade ranges in K-12.

Better Book Reports: 25 Ideas
Education World collected these 25 ideas for spicing up book report assignments.

Cardboard Cognition
A collection of card and board games organized by subject and grade levels (K-College).

Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site
This site contains information and ideas about children's literature. Included are: a collection of reviews of great kids' books, ideas of ways to use them in the classroom and collections of books and activities about particular subjects, curriculum areas, themes and professional topics.

Co-operative Learning Lessons: Language Arts
Language arts lesson plans in the following categories can be found on a New Brunsick Co-operative Learning Site.

Cyberguides: Teacher Guides and Student Activities
Collections of web-searching activities that are tied to over 75 core works of literature-organized by grade levels. These can be used within student projects and are designed for classroom use with one computer connected to the Internet.

Discover Learning Daybook
From BC Tel and in partnership with CUEBC, the Daybook is a searchable database of BC teacher deveveloped lesson plans. Search by keyword or enter "Eng/LA" for over 30 lesson plans in English/Language Arts.

Economics and Geography Lessons for 32 Children's Books
Lesson plans for teaching grade 1-5 students geography and economics concepts within the study of popular children's books.

Encarta Lesson Collection: Language Arts
Select "Language Arts" on their Lesson Collection Page to find over 100 diverse lesson plans in this subject.

English Language Arts
A variety of teaching tips and suggestions for elementary teachers from CanTeach organized under the following headings: Beginning Reading and Writing; Composition; Creative Writing; Poetry; Novel & Picture Book Activities; Listening and Speaking; Theme Book Lists; and Writing Prompts & Journal Topics.

ERIC Clearinghouse on Reading, English and Communication
This ERIC Clearinghouse provides educational materials, services and coursework to parents, educators, students and others interested in Language Arts. Specific resources include electronic publications, bibliographies, research summaries (Digests), AskERIC questions and answers, and links to other Internet resources.

Georgia College EduNet Lesson Plans: Language Arts
A variety of lesson plans on Language Arts.

Grade 12 Provincial Examinations
Full information on the BC Grade 12 provincial examinations, including copies of previous exams and their keys (e.g., English, Communications, Literature), exam timetables, exam results, holistic scoring guides, reports to schools and general information. Select "Examinations and Keys (Grade 12 Provincial)" to download previous exams.

Information Technology Lesson Plans Database
This database contains over a hundred lesson plans designed and tested by BC educators for teachers in gradesK-10. The lesson plans integrate Information Technology concepts within traditional subject areas. Use the search engine to find the lessons for a particular subject area. The engine will also allow you to search by grade level, setting (e.g., classroom, lab), time to complete the level, and expertise level.

Integrated Resource Packages (IRPs)
These Integrated Resource Packages (IRPs) provide some of the basic information that teachers will require to implement the BC Ministry of Education language arts curricula in K-12.

Integrating Mathematics, Science and Language
A series of multidisciplinary units (math, science, language arts) for K-3 students from SEDL. Included in each unit is an overview and background information for the teacher, lessons and links to associated web sites on dinosaurs. Units include: K (Five Senses, Spiders, Dinosaurs); Grade 1 (Plants and Seeds, The Human Body, Good Health); Grade 2 (Oceans, Weather, Sun and Stars); Grade 3 (Matter, Sound, Simple Machines).

Kodak Lesson Plans: Language Arts
About three dozen lesson plans on Language Arts, all of which use photography in some respect.

Language Arts: Lesson Plans
This is a meta-list of links to other sites which contain lessons plans, classroom projects, and interactive activities for elementary teachers of Language Arts.

Language Arts Lesson Plans
This link will take you directly to a sub-list of links to about 70 language arts lesson plans. The sector is part of a larger list called "The Lesson Plans Page." The lessons aren't particularly well described so you may waste some time exploring and the ads can be a nuisance; however the sheer quantity of direct links to actual lesson plans is probably worth it.

Learning Space (LS) Language Arts: WWW Research Lessons
One of the ways to integrate the Internet into your classroom is by using it as a source of current curricular information. Having students conduct research on the WWW is an effective and relevant learning activity but teachers may feel at a loss as to what kind of questions students should be given to research. This site contains several examples of Language Arts research questions (organized by grade levels) which pose motivating, genuine problems or open-ended real life problems whose solutions and answers are not easily found. In addition, there is a step-by-step guide to creating your own research questions.

Learning with Mysteries
In addition to six lesson plans on using mysteries in the classroom, this site has a discussion on how mysteries can contribute to skills within Bloom's taxonomy, a forum for discussion and practical suggestions from teachers, and links to web sites that support the lesson plans - including one to the host

Lesson Plans for Technology
This site has a database of over 200 technology-based lesson plans developed by Florida educators. Known as T'NT (Technology 'Nformation for Teachers), the site can be searched by grade level, subject, or key word. Lessons allow subject area teachers to incorporate technology within business, computing, fine arts, guidance/health (including safety), language arts, math, science, and social studies subject areas.

Lesson Plans from the Teacher's Desk
Over 250 ideas for activities/lessons for grade 5/6 Spelling, Writing, English, Reading, and Vocabulary.

LETSNet: Language Arts Units
LETSNet (Learning Exchange for Teachers and Students through the Internet) is designed to help teachers understand the web and find ways to make effective use of web resources in the classroom. This link is to their Language Arts lesson plans section containing about 20 teaching units or student activities. (Note: not all of these resources would fall within what would be considered Language Arts, but there are enough here to warrant a visit.)

Library of Instant Lessons
This link is to the archives of the "Instant Lessons" web site. Each week, a new lesson is posted. Lessons are intended for intermediate and older students and are based on interesting, up-to-date, and authentic materials (i.e., a current news story from Reuters). Student worksheets, teacher's notes and supplementary activities are included (check the copyright notices). Note that an id and password are required for entry into the archives. Note also that access to the archives "at present is free" but this suggests that this might not always be the case.

Literary Fan Club
In this web quest, junior/senior high students are challenged to create a newsletter for a fan club of their favorite author, and in doing so, write in a variety of styles, use effective research techniques and engage in recreational reading.

Outta Ray's Head: Literature Lessons
Ray Saitz, an Ontario teacher, has developed a collection of pages with links to English Literature handouts, lesson plans, and student activities. Some are his own while others are resources on external sites.

Primary Resources: English
Lots of Language Arts worksheets, activities and resources for the primary teacher. Select from "Worksheets" (includes lesson plans and ideas), "Book Work" (ideas for activities based on certain books), "Homework" (activity sheets), and "Cartoon Resources" (clip art). Some resources are viewed online and others are in PDF format.

[The] Reading Village
The Reading Village is a metalist of links to professional resources for teachers (organized under the categories of K-3, 4-12, and Special Needs). These link collections include general reading resources, lesson plans, research articles, listservs, children's books, sites for authors and illustrators, sources of good books for kids, and assessment resources. In other sections of the site you'll find other metalists including collections of links to reading software, professional books, as well as to research, journals & articles. There are good resources on the site itself too. In the K-3, 4-12 or Special Needs sections you'll find a place to read/share teaching ideas for that target audience. There's also a discussion forum as well as an 'auditorium' where special speakers make presentations and there is opportunity for discussion, questions, and feedback.

Teachers Helping Teachers: Language Arts
The Teachers Helping Teachers web site is a collection of lesson plans submitted by practicing teachers. New lessons are added to a cumulative LA file throughout the school year so be prepared for some long downloads.

Teacher's Resource Center
This Bantam Doubleday Dell web site provides free teacher support materials for their catalog of books. There's about 50 Teacher's Guides, including activities and interdisciplinary ideas. A thematic index and an interdisciplinary index allow teachers to find specific books/guides that may support their classroom activities. Author and Illustrator Profiles including bios, photos, and e-mail connections may also be found.

Teaching Ideas
These National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) articles provide ideas and suggestions for teaching composition, critical thinking, gender, language & diversity, literature, reading, research, technology, whole language, and writing.

Teaching Ideas for Primary Teachers
Looking for ideas, activities or worksheets for elementary students? You'll find a variety at this site organized under the subject heading of English. These are further broken down into Reading, Writing, and Speaking & Listening activities. You'll also find a feature titled "Time-Fillers". This is a collection of short activities which can be used within a number of subject areas to fill a few spare moments during the day.

A collection of lesson plans for Language Arts teachers 1-12 from the Utah State Office of Education.

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