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Instructional Materials in Drama

The WWW sites linked to from this page provide practical assistance for Drama teachers wanting to use the Internet as part of their classroom planning/instruction. Please read our disclaimer.

[The] Art of Creative Dramatics Through the Eyes of a Young Child
A paper/curriculum unit that describes strategies and offers activities to be integrated into the school curriculum for children participating in school plays. Integral to the unit is the active participation of children in using creative dramatics to invent or create imaginary situations.

About a half dozen brief lesson plans for elementary level drama activities from CanTeach.

[The] Drama Teacher's Resource Room
Here's a Canadian site dedicated to the grade 4 - 12 drama teacher. There are lesson plans on Icebreakers, History of Canadian Theatre, Movement, Set Design, Stage Vocabulary, and Costume Building. Check out also the section on "backstage activities" (including the archives) for tips on such things as props, painting, and costumes.

DramaWest Swap Shop
Drama teachers share their lesson plans, playscript suggestions, and games/warm up activities.

Improv Theme Page
This "Theme Page" has links to information on improv, including the history of improv, types of games, and practice activities. There's even a link where students can participate in an evening of on-line improv.

Integrated Resource Packages (IRPs)
These Integrated Resource Packages (IRPs) provide some of the basic information that teachers will require to implement the BC Ministry of Education drama curricula in grades 8-12.

Integration of Art and Drama
A seven day unit in art/drama from the Incredible Art Department.

Kids 4 Broadway
This commercial site (they sell plays for kids) has four free warm-up activities for Grade 1-12 students.

[The] Lesson Plan Exchange for Teachers of Theatre
Over twenty lesson plans/activity suggestions organized under the categories of Introductory Theater, Advanced Theater, Technical Theatre, Directing and/or Production, and Miscellanous.

Lesson Plans for Technology
This site has a database of over 200 technology-based lesson plans developed by Florida educators. Known as T'NT (Technology 'Nformation for Teachers), the site can be searched by grade level, subject, or key word. Lessons allow subject area teachers to incorporate technology within business, computing, fine arts, guidance/health (including safety), language arts, math, science, and social studies subject areas.

Multi Level Drama Starters
From New Zealand, here are a number of different sets of starting drama activities categorized as Ground Rules, Beginning, Individual, Slightly Harder Individual, Pair and Group Drama, Major , and Further Ideas.

Unit Lesson Plans
This Brigham Young University site has twenty theatre teaching units, each with its own set of specific lesson plans. Topics include: Beginning Acting, Creating Characters, Character, Fundamentals of Acting, Movement and Mannerisms, Costume Construction, Blocking, and Scene Development. Caution: you may experience delays in accessing the site.

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