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Instructional Materials in Dance

The WWW sites linked to from this page provide practical assistance for Dance teachers wanting to use the Internet as part of their classroom planning/instruction. Please read our disclaimer.
Arts Partnership for Education (APE): Teacher's Guide
"APE" is a Florida-based organization offering lesson plans on popular ballets, operas, symphonies, and visual art. While these were initially designed for students who could attend these events, most are adapatable.

[The] Country Barn
This Country and Western theme site has pages dedicated to describing various C&W dances and their steps. Check out: Line Dances, Partners/Couples Dances, Mixed Bag of Dances.

Dance and Movement Page
Each month, a new song with instructions for dance/movement is featured. Previous songs are stored in an archive.

Dancing for Busy People
Information on 25 basic dance movements is provided, including an explanation of the movement and timing, styling, and tips for teaching. In addition, there are pages of information on how to perform various kinds of dances including square dances, quadrilles, contra dances, no partner (line) dances, round dance mixers, Sicilian circles, trios, and mescolanzas.

Dancing with Imaginary Paintbrushes
Tips on teaching creative movement to a class of students through the vehicle of having student move like paintbrushes.

Global Education Through Dance
A 3-6 week unit where students in any grade can explore global issues and themes. Note: this unit from the Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation requires a plug-in for it to be uploaded automatically to your browser. If it won't upload to your screen automatically, you'll get a dialog box informing you of this. Use the "save file" option on this dialog box to save the unit onto your desktop as a file. Then, open that file from your browser (e.g., as a "page" in Netscape.

Integrated Resource Packages (IRPs)
These Integrated Resource Packages (IRPs) provide some of the basic information that teachers will require to implement the BC Ministry of Education dance curricula in grades 8-12.

PE Dance
Seven briefly described lesson ideas for teaching dance to primary students.

Tap Steps
Instructions on tap dance steps including Shim Sham Background, Shim Sham Steps, Basic Timestep Combinations, and Paddle and Roll.

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