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Curricular Resources in Career Studies

Below are the CLN "Theme Pages" which focus on specific topics within Careers Studies. CLN's theme pages are collections of useful Internet educational resources within a narrow curricular topic and contain links to two types of information. Students and teachers will find curricular resources (information, content...) to help them learn about this topic. In addition, there are links to instructional materials (lesson plans) which will help teachers provide instruction in this theme.
Careers in the Arts

Careers in Health and Medicine

Careers in Math

Hunting Jobs Theme Page
This CLN Theme Page provides links to Internet sites which bring employers and employees together. Commonly, they give job hunters space to post resumes and employers the opportunity to post job openings. Students may find these sites useful for their employer profiles and career planning resources (e.g., searching tips/suggestions, advice on improving resumes).

Researching Occupations Theme Page
This CLN theme page has curricular resources and instructional materials for teachers and students interested in researching occupations. Students can find job descriptions/profiles, salaries, educational requirements, links to professional organizations for a wide range of occuations. Also, there are links to more general occupational information such as employement and labour market trends and occupational outlooks. Teachers will find a set of lesson plans for helping students to conduct this research.

Writing Resumes and Cover Letters Theme Page

General Career Studies Resources

Here are a number of links to other Internet resources which contain information and/or other links related to Career Studies. Please read our disclaimer.

Ask an Expert: Careers
CLN's "Ask an Expert" page has about 100 links to specialists in the field who can serve as a valuable source of curricular expertise for both students and teachers. Questions/answers on careers may be found in our "Careers" section but experts in all fields are good sources of information about careers in their chosen profession.

BC WorkInfoNet
The mission of BC WorkInfoNet is "to make useful on-line labour market and career information accessible to British Columbians." Students will be able to research the careers they're interested in, find out about jobs in various fields, and learn more about the education and training programs that will help them get the jobs they want. The site is funded by Human Resources Development Canada and the BC Ministry of Education.

Canada WorkInfoNet
A community-based partnership of Canadian non-profit and private organizations and all levels of governments working together provides this metalist of information and services about careers and jobs.

Canadian Environment Careers Resource Manual
The goal of the author of this resource is to "inform and inspire Canadian young adults about the nature and diversity of environmental careers and the strategies for planning and maintaining such careers."

Career Development Manual: University of Waterloo
This electronic version of University of Waterloo's print manual offers a five-step process to finding the right career. Included is information on assessing personal skills, researching career options and specific firms, and tips on getting and keeping that right job.

Career Paths Online
Career Paths Online is the Internet version of "Career Paths Newspaper", a planning guide for BC students. Included are articles that will take students through the steps of career planning, information on trends and work styles of the "new economy", and information about specific career sectors.

Career Planning for Students and Parents
This B.C. Government sponsored page mixes original content with annotated links to external web sites in a comphrehensive coverage of career planning. Students will find resources to learn more about the three elements to career planning: Career Awareness (learn about various career options and students' interests and aptitudes), Career Exploration (explore careers, consider the future of work), and Preparing for a Career (build a career planning portfolio, participate in work experience). The site also offers a set of links where students can learn more about their post secondary options and an entire section is devoted to providing resources for students who are ready to enter the world of work now. A full set of resources is available for parents as well.

Creative Job Search
The Minnesota Department of Economic Security has a comprehensive online guide with lessons, tips, and advice in eight sections: Transition, Job Search Preparation, Skills Identification, Resumes and Cover Letters, Job Search Tools, Job Search Process, The Job Interview, and Finishing Touches. Included within the site are downloadable worksheets.

[The] Definitive Guide to Internet Career Resources
An extensive meta-list of links to career related www sites.
Experienced workers in over 200 jobs outline the rewards of their job, jobs stresses, basic job skills the job demands, future challenges, and advice for people interested in entering the field. Teachers should ensure that students understand that these profiles are based on responses from one person whose opinion does not necessarily reflect a consensus for that career. Also, Canadian students should be aware that the data are from the United States and some differences will exist between countries (especially salary).

Job Search Manual
This BC site provides a free, on-line job search manual covering the following topics: Developing a Plan of Action, Know Thyself (e.g., interests, aptitudes, skills), The Successful Resume, Job Search Strategies, Telephone Techniques, Information Interviews, and The Job Interview. Included within appendices are sample resumes and typical job interview questions. Also provided are student worksheets (e.g., aptitude quiz, skills inventory).

The City of Calgary has a set of information and resources on education/training, resumeés and cover letters, job search & interviews, and career planning.

Post Secondary Institutions in BC
This CLN page has annotated links to the home pages of BC's post secondary institutions. In addition, there are links to agencies which provide assistance in transfering, obtaining financial assistance, and registering in BC institutions.

Women in Science and Engineering: The Participants
Thirteen women employed by Schlumberger responded to a number of questions about their careers - how they got started, challenges, daily life, travel, major influences, etc. This page gives access to each of the interviews in full or you can access the information by interview question. Each scientist is also willing to answer student questions about careers in her field.

Youth Resource Network of Canada
Here's help for Canadian youth in preparing for and finding work that has been made possible through partnerships between all levels of government and the private sector. The site serves as a meta-list of links to WWW resources organized under such topics as: self assessment, information about jobs, training and education, job search techniques, job opportunities, and self-employment.

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