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Curricular Resources in Canadian Studies: Canadian History

Below are the CLN Pages" which supplement the study of Canadian History. Some are curricular content pages while others are Theme Pages. CLN's theme pages are collections of useful Internet educational resources within a narrow curricular topic and contain links to two types of information. Students and teachers will find curricular resources (information, content...) to help them learn about this topic. In addition, there are links to instructional materials (lesson plans) which will help teachers provide instruction in this theme.
Canadian Military History Theme Page

Curricular Resources in Canadian Studies: British Columbia
Check out this CLN curricum resources page for lots of links to historical information about British Columbia.

Educational Resources in Aboriginal Studies
This link is to CLN's home page on Aboriginal Studies. From here, you can go to pages of curricular resources and instructional materials. Be sure to look at the First Nations History Theme Page as well.

Explorers Theme Page
Lots of information on Canadian explorers is available in this collection of links to web resources on the world's explorers.

Famous Canadians Theme Page
This CLN theme page has a large number of links to sites that have information on famous Canadians.

General Canadian History Resources

Here are a number of links to other Internet resources which contain information and/or other links related to Canadian History. Please read our disclaimer.

Canada: From Sea Unto Sea
This is Volume I of the Canada Heirloom Series containing 19 chapters on Canadian history: 1) The Face of Canada, 2) Early Discovers and Explorers, 3) Canada before 1800, 4) Canada after 1800, 5) Canadian Settlement Patterns, 6) Some Canadian (before 1900), 7) Canadian External Relations, 8) Some Events That Have Shaped Canada, 9) Canadian Entertainment, 10) Canadian Sports, 11) Visual and Performing Arts in Canada, 12) Canadian Literature, 13) From Little Red Schoolhouse, 14) The Freedom to Worship, 15) The History of Canadian Health Care, 16) Canadians at Work, 17) Partners in Growth, 18) Canada in Space, and 19) Canadians Celebrate.

Canadian Archival Resources on the Internet
This U. of Saskatchewan site is a meta-l ist of links to Canadian archives, including individual repositories, multi-repository databases, archival listservs, archival associations, educational opportunities, and other related sites.

Canadian Heritage Information Network
Included within this federal government site are a guide to Canadian museums and galleries, virtual projects, and a heritage directory and links.

Canadian History
This University of Victoria site has been designed for university students and teachers but there are plenty of resources here for K-12 students as well. In their "Learning and Researching Canadian History" section, you'll find historic images, information organized by historical topics, links to other related web sites, links to over 100 historic documents organized chronologically, and a section on BC history (images, documents, etc.).

Canadian History on the Web
A meta-list of links to Canadian history sites, repositories of historical documents, sources of graphical images, and museum/archival sites.

Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation
This CMCC home page provides links to its four different museums: The Canadian Museum of Civilization, the Canadian War Museum, the Virtual Museum, and the Museum of New France. You can browse through these resources from their main menu (above), or use one of the links (below) to go directly to some of their resources on Canadian history.

Canadian Portraits
Pictures and biographical sketches of Canadian men and women organized under such categories as government, governors-general, prime ministers, immigrants & aboriginal people of Canada, explorers and military figures, and employment.

CanText Library
A collection of the texts from original documents related to Canadian history categorized chronologically and by period from Nelson Canada.

Celebrating Women's Achievements
The National Library of Canada has created a web site to highlight the achievements of women from Canada's past. Each year they document a new segment of Canadian society.

Geographical Names
Origins of Canada's geographical names.

Grade 12 (Canadian) History Internet Resources for High School Teachers in Saskatchewan
This is a very extensive meta-list of links to Canadian History sites that were designed for Saskatchewan high school teachers but which would be useful for any Canadian History instructor. At the time of viewing, there were over 150 links to specific resources.

[The] Great Canadian Tune Book
Barry Taylor of Victoria BC offers this collection of my midi file arrangements of traditional Canadian tunes and folk songs. A sound card will be needed.

Historical Atlas of Canada
This site is intended to be a supplement to the print version of the "Historical Atlas of Canada Volume II: The Land Transformed 1800-1891". Students can access the tabular data behind the charts and maps of this reference. The screen images of the charts and maps are simplified renditions of the text versions.

History 12
A meta-list of links to sites that support the study of BC's History 12 curriculum from Susan Walker in SD#42.

Hudson's Bay Company Digital Collection
Images of the Hudson's Bay Company's museum collection donated to the Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature. Resources are organized within 10 categories, including Inuit Cultures, Aboriginal Cultures (3), Metis Cultures, Artifacts of the Fur Trade, Exploration and Navigation, and Euro-Canadian Artifacts.

ITP Nelson - References
Free educational resources from Nelson Canada. The Cantext Library is a collection of original Canadian historical documents organized in chronological and topical categories. The CanPix Gallery is a collection of over 3,500 pictures and audiovisual resources that serve as resources for Canadian Studies. Search through these by time period (e.g., pre 1760, 1760-1814, etc) or by category (people, places, events, or culture).

National Archives of Canada
The National Archives of Canada preserves Canada's archival heritage and makes millions of records, including texts, photographs, films, maps, videos, books, paintings, prints and government files available to Canadians.

National Library of Canada
The National Library of Canada (NLC) gathers, makes known, preserves, and promotes Canada's published heritage.

Prime Ministers of Canada
Biographies, pictures, and speeches from each of the prime ministers since 1867.

Prime Ministers of Canada: PM Educational Kit
In addition to biographies and pictures of Canada's prime ministers, this site has lesson plans, student worksheets, facsimiles of archival documents, and a board game.

Provincial Government Archives
Here are the web sites for the provincial archives that we were able to find.

Quebec History
Designed, and to a fair extent authored, by Claude Bélanger of Marianopolis College for students in his HIS 951 class, this site has Readings in Quebec History, Documents of Quebec History, Statistical Material and Charts, Chronologies of Quebec History, Biographies of Prominent Quebec Historical Figures, Events, Issues and Concepts of Quebec History, and a Picture Gallery of Quebec History.

[A] Taste of Canada: History
A meta-list of links to Canadian history sites, organized under headings such as constitution, documents, early Canadian, blacks in Canada, heritage, women in Canada, immigration, and Canada at war.

Veterans Affairs Canada Online
A web site for students interested in Canadian military history.

Who Killed William Robinson?
In this historical "whodunit" site, students investigate the murder of a Saltspring Island resident in 1868 by exploring a large collection of historical docments. In doing so, they learn about life at that time - the settlement of BC, the importance of land, the dispossession of aboriginals, justice, racism, family life, religion.... The site offers students a similar experience to how professional researchers gain historical understanding and in this way they gain personal experience in interpreting raw materials of the past and forming their own understanding of the resources.

Women in History
This site includes biographical sketches of Canadian women.

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