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Network Nuggets Subscription Information

Please note that NETWORK NUGGETS is not an interactive listserv. We use list software to send messages to our subscribers, but those messages are intended to be one-way only.

To subscribe or unsubscribe to the NETWORK NUGGETS list please use the form below.

 Subscribe to NETWORK_NUGGETS  Unsubscribe from NETWORK NUGGETS

Click one of the radio buttons above to either subscribe or unsubscribe. Then, in the space below, enter your complete e-mail address including your user ID, the @ symbol, and the set of numbers/letters that follow that symbol. Then, click the 'submit' button


Please type your complete e-mail address here --->


If you encounter difficulty in unsubscribing, the reason may be that you subscribed to Nuggets from one account, and now you're trying to unsubscribe from a different account. The list software won't let someone with one address unsubscribe somebody with a different address, even if the names are the same. If the addresses are different, it assumes that there are two different people.

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