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Parent and Teachers

Exploring the unknown is a lot of fun. In today's world of the Internet, exploration needs to be under the guidance of parents and teachers. Make exploring the Internet a family or classroom adventure. While children are wondering through the Internet, constant adult supervision is recommended.
World Kids Network recommends that parents and teachers follow these guidelines for an enjoyable, safe on-line experience:
1. Your children should only log on with your approval.
2. The computer should be located in a room where there is adult supervision.
3. Let your children post your family's e-mail address even if they have their own.
4. If your children are subscribed to a mailing list, you may want to watch the content of their mail to set your mind at ease.
5. If your children have a distressing experience, educate them on what choices they have in dealing with any bad stuff.
CLN's "For Kids Only" Page
We chose the links in Kids Pages as sites that are safe and non-violent and offer some educational value. However we do not guarantee that you or your children will not find a link leading to a site that could be offensive. CLN's "For Kids Only" page is intended for children who are learning to navigate the Web and who enjoy learning academic skills through fun activities.
Software and Hardware
In selecting the resources for the Kid's Pages, an effort was made to avoid sites requiring the latest in technology. Although some of the sites listed may need the Shockwave plug-in, Netscape 3.0 and Navigator or Internet Explorer 3.0 and 4.0. If you are using older technology (a computer using less than 8-12 MB of RAM), you may experience a few difficulties with some of the links. These difficulties may include only part of a page downloading, some of the graphics being incomplete and some of the interactive qualities not functioning. Also, a slow network connection will cause some games to take several minutes to download. We have made a link to Shockwave, but before downloading, remember that you must be able to run Netscape 3.0 or better and Internet Explorer 3.0 or better.
Technical Shockwave Info