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Stories and Songs



Grandpa Tucker's Rhymes and Tales

A collection of silly stories and poems.

(The) Greatest Hits of Fisher-Price

Numerous classic children's songs are available on-line in several sound formats.

Songs for Children Theme Page

This "CLN Theme Page" has links to Internet sources of Songs for Children. At these sites, you'll find the lyrics to songs that are popular with children. In some cases, there will also be downloadable sound files and occasionally you'll also have access to the musical score. Search engines which allow you to find songs by artist or by key word are also common.

Stories and Fairy Tales Theme Page

This CLN page has an extensive list of Web sites for stories, fairy tales, legends and myths. Also, some of the sites are organized by author and region.


 Wacky Web Tales

Use the twelve different story formats and add your own words to make a crazy story. If you want, then can rewrite it make it sound even wackier!