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(The) Best Electronic Card Sites

A list of links to electronic card sites on the web.

(The) Electric Postcard

You get to pick the picture for the postcard, write a message and send it to a friend. Your friend will be notified by email and will need to claim the postcard at the "Pick-up" window.

Electronic Postcards

From this site send a postcard written in another language. You have a choice of over 12 different languages. Also include your choose of music, background, colour of lettering and graphics.

(The) Lion King - Electronic Postcards

Send a picture of your favourite Lion King characters and a sound file of their famous quote to your friends. "Hakuna Matata"

Virtual Certificate

Do you know a teacher or friend that you think should get special recognition? Then send them a Certificate!

Virtual Greeting Cards

Send your friends a message with a picture of your favourite Fisher-Price toy.