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Older Kids' Activity Centres




Interested in learning more about bubbles? This page has links to information on bubble formulas, tools, experiments, magic tricks, and other activities for kids.

CBC 4 Kids

The "What's New" section includes a Top Story for the day, Sports Story and a News Quiz. "The Lab" has weird news from the world of Science, experiments you can do at home and how to build killer airplanes. Also has words, music and a time machine for you to check out. (choose with shockwave or without)


Enter the "Action-sports" stories; Go to "Brainstorm" and solve a puzzle; Write a story and stretch your mind. Need some advice - Check with Clued In. Don't miss Kulture Club's reviews of music, books, web sites and more. "Too Much Fun" has jokes and silly stuff and includes the "Chat Box". (a little slow downloading)

(The) Headbone Zone

Use a "Secret Decoder", play Shockwave Games, read the weekly "Poll of the Wacky and Weird", enter the "Derbies" and solve the problems, check out the "Monitored Chat Rooms". Lots to do here! (a little slow downloading)

[Model] Hot Air Balloons

This site provides you with access to information on how to build and fly model hot-air balloons.

Illusionworks - Interactive Optical Illusions

View a number of these illusions such as impossible figures, ambiguous illusions, distorted illusions, afterimages, auditory illusions and camouflage. Some of the presentations require Shockwave and Java.


This site has complete instructions on how to build and fly a number of different kites.

Paper Airplanes

Do you like flying and building paper airplanes? This site provides you with access to complete instructions on how to build and fly a number of different paper airplanes.