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Jokes and Puzzling Stuff



Cartoon Corner

"A world of fun for Kids of all ages." You can try Emmet's Art Studio, Puzzles, Stories and Funny Pages. Each of these sites has lots of fun things to do.

Children's Joke Page

A collection of jokes put together by two kids, Emma and Alice Bowen.

 Just for Fun

You or a whole class will have lots of fun with these activities. Jokes and riddles, just for a laugh. The "Cyberstumps" are guaranteed to make you think.


For the curious only. There are over a hundred questions on everything from "How does a zipper work?" to "What do tadpoles eat?". The answers are given by referring you to web sites that have the information on them to answer your questions.

You Can with Beakman and Jax

A site that answers many puzzling questions and problems. Some of the answers involve the use of interactive demonstrations. This site includes photos from the universe taken through the hubble telescope.