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The Web has lots of fun places to visit and things to do.

Some people might pretend to be someone they are not. If someone says she is a 10 year old girl (for example) who wants to be your friend, the person could be lying.
Also, the Web has a few pictures that are not nice.If you find a Web page you do not like, use the back button to go back where you were.
If something happens on the Web and you feel uncomfortable about it, tell your parents or teacher.
How to safely surf the Web and use Email!
  • If you are asked for your name, give your first name only.
  • Never give your home address or phone number to anyone.
  • Never arrange to meet someone from the Web without your parents there.
  • Never tell anyone your passwords.
If someone on the Web asks you not to tell your parents about them, then do tell your parents right away!

If you have made a mistake and did something you wished you had not, it can be fixed. Ask your parents or teacher to help.