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On-line and Off-line Games


  Note: Most games require a Java enhanced browser or Shockwave. Before downloading shockwave please read Tips for Using the "For Kids Only" pages .

  All Mixed Up - Slider
Can you slide the parts around to complete the picture? Over 18 pictures to choose from. The game will let you choose from easy to hard. (Primary and Intermediate Users)


On-line Maze game that gives you control over how long you have to play. (Java required)(Intermediate User)

Apple Corps
Make a funny face with this interactive on-line game. It starts with an apple but you choose the vegetables to create a silly face. (Primary User)

On and Off Line Games and Puzzles, Colouring Books, Clip Art, Mix and Matching Games, Use the Post Office. Try the Free Fun and Games. Lots of fun activities to choose from. (Primary and Intermediate User)

Boston University's Interactive WWW Games
Play one of seven non-Java enhanced games; Tic-Tac-Toe, Pegs and other games of strategy. Also, for those with Java, play one of several games requiring the player to use problem solving skills. (Intermediate User)
  Dinosaurs On-line Crossword Puzzle
Do you know your different dinosaurs? Try this puzzle and test yourself. (Primary and Intermediate Users)

  Dots and Boxes
An advanced game of strategy against the computer. Good luck. (Java enhanced) (Advanced)
  Educational Web Adventures
Four adventures for you to undertake and solve. In one adventure you are an Art Detective, the second one you are being sucked into a vortex, in the third, you must find and capture a tiger on the loose and in the fourth you need to design a safe, healthy home for the tiger. (Intermediate User)

  Games Kids Play
Learn how to play all games that have been played in the last 50 years. These games are listed with a description of how to play and the rules explained. (Primary and Intermediate Users)

A very challenging game! An on-line "game of logic" in which you try to decipher the code. (Java enhanced) (Advanced)

  Polar Pairs Java Game
A game of concentration which uses Arctic animals as the images to match in order to win. (Java enhanced) (Primary and Intermediate Users)
  Puzzles and Games
For some of these games by Cyberkids you will need to print them and play off-line, however some of the games you can play on-line. There are word searches, crossword puzzles, mazes and jigsaw puzzle. (Primary and Intermediate Users)

Play chess on-line. You get to choose who (human or computer) goes first and how hard of a game to play. (Java required) (Intermediate Users)
On-line wordsearches using words from the following subject areas: Football Teams, Food, Drinks, Plants, Computers, Programs, Internet, The Planet Saturn, Marvels and Mysteries of the Seas, and Chemistry. (Intermediate Users)