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Learn More about the Internet

Dealing with Internet Abuses and Hazards This section looks at common abuses of the net - such as hoaxes, personal risks, SPAM, and viruses.

Internet Guidebooks Documents, books, on-line courses/lessons, etc. to help teachers learn more about the Internet.
Online Directories (E-mail addresses & Telephone Numbers)

Various on-line directories to help you find email addresses, & residential and business telephone numbers.

Search Engines and Subject Directories This page has links to some of the more popular search engines and subject directories on the Internet for users with text browsers who can't get easy access to them otherwise. We've also developed a set of FAQs on how to use Internet Search Engines and Subject Directories.

Software Links to Internet software applications (e.g., browsers, newsreaders), helper applications (e.g., decompression, sound players), and software archives. All links are to free or shareware software.

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