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Integrate the Internet into the Classroom

Ask an Expert Sources Online experts are an excellent way for students to use the Internet for research purposes. Here's a compilation of close to 100 experts willing to answer email questions from students.
Background Information These sites contain explanations, examples, ideas, suggestions, tutorials, etc. for teachers wishing to integrate the Internet into their classrooms.
Educational Listservs Click here to learn more about listservs and how they can be used in the classroom. You can also link to directories of educational lists, and to the archives of some popular educational lists, including CLN's Network Nuggets.
E-mail for the Classroom Teacher This page has links to resources to help teachers learn how they can use e-mail for their own professional work as well as to help improve student learning.
Internet Keypal Exchanges Here are WWW sites which will assist the teacher looking to set up classroom keypal exchanges - a good way of getting students started with the Internet.
Internet Projects Look here for information on how you can link your students up with other classes around the country, continent, or world on a collaborative Internet project.

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