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Connecting your students to an expert in the field is an excellent way of expanding their horizons, supplementing the curriculum with current information, and integrating Internet resources within your classroom. The sites on this page are links to experts in K-12 curricular related topics. Please read our disclaimer.

Ask an Expert: All Subjects

Ask A+ Locator
The Virtual Reference Desk has developed a database of experts on the Internet willing to answer questions. The database can be searched or browsed by subject or alphabetically.

A personalized service providing education information to teachers, parents, and others.

Electronic Emissary
Electronic Emissary is a service, provided by the University of Texas, which helps teachers to locate K-12 subject experts from all over the world who are willing to share their expertise with K-12 students.

Homework Help
Teacher volunteers help students with questions from their homework, often by directing them to web sites with the information. Other students may also provide answers.

Internet Guides
wNetStation, a public television station in New York, has three experts who are willing to answer questions on the use of the Internet for education. Cyndi Kerris will answer questions about "web in the classroom," Chris Gary about"technology," and Sheila Kieran-Greenbush about "Instructional Technology." You can email questions directly to the experts or read archives of posted questions and answers.
A large directory of experts willing to share their knowledge in a wide number of categories - Education being just one.

See also the "Reference" section below for experts across many fields

Ask an Expert: Careers

Careers (Careers Online)
Jobs (Job Hunter)

Questions about careers in a certain field may also be addressed by experts in the specific fields listed elsewhere on this page. For example, if you have a question about astronomy, see our Science section for experts in astronomy.

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Ask an Expert: Fitness/Health/Medicine

Ask an Expert: Mathematics

Ask an Expert: Physical Education (See Fitness/Health/Medicine)

Ask an Expert: Reference

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